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Camp Day 5: Willy The Dreamer ~ Anthony Browne

I absolutely love this book. Beautiful illustrations and a nice simple story.  I've taught it briefly in an after school class and once in a grade 6 class when we started a topic on jobs. (See Dream Catcher Lesson here).  So it was great to see this in the list of books my school suggested I teach for summer camp. If you have been following, this is my 5th day plan for my reading camp. You can easily find days 1-4 if you look at my blog.

Now, because I have to stretch this topic to grade 5 and 6 as well as 3-4, I wanted to extend the vocabulary, not only the jobs mentioned in the book but also some job equipment/ and or tools. This is not usually taught in the kid's textbooks and there are some cool resources I found so I think it'll be fun.

Activity 1: Read the Book
Now, in the deep sea of Waygook there exists a Power Point that has the full book on it... so do a little internet diving (search) and you might find it. For copyright reasons I can't have a direct download link... but also just as good, there are a few decent videos on YouTube with someone reading the book and showing the images.

Activity 2: Alphabet Stew -Jobs
Now, I've planned this for another camp day as well but it's no biggy as this is a hit every time and playing alphabet stew for jobs after reading the book and listening to some new job names should be a perfect way to get them thinking of a job for each letter. They should already know quite a few from their textbooks also.

By the way, there are tons of lists of jobs in alphabetical order online - easy to find, if you want to check on some of the difficult ones. Q - Queen? I accept it...hehe, there's lots of 'quality...' something jobs. Here's a link to a job by letter list : Australian Job Guide Site

Activity 3: Dream Jobs Power Point
This is quite an extensive power point that looks at the book, Willy The Dreamer, it's vocabulary as well as understanding the term dream, dream job, past and future. With some little activities in-between.

Activity slides, preview:
This is a sample of guessing the artist and an 'explorer' mission, which is a classroom scavenger hunt.

As you can see, a picture of me is in those slides. So, you should take it out. :)
 You can put your own artwork if you like - and a funny stick figure drawing with yourself next to it would be fun for them also.

Activity 4: Tools and Jobs Match
A simple flashcard matching game and we can name what the tools and jobs are. I will give out the cards to pairs and they have to match. Then we should brainstorm some other jobs and their tools on the board. I will give each pair a job that isn't in the flashcards and they have to name at least 4 tools/equipment that job uses. A good chance for conversation between you and the students, casual activity.

Activity 5: Next, I will do a Job Spin the Wheel. I downloaded the template from Twinlk and edited and wrote job names inside it - instead of class jobs as the site recommends. Then, the students will spin and land on a job title. Then they have to create a job advertisement that matches their spin.

I made this job advert worksheet. Which is mainly drawing. But encourages creative thinking:

You can download this worksheet for free on my teacherspayteachers page.

  • 'Equipment' is where they can draw and label what they use for that particular job. (Teacher - blackboard, marker, etc.)
  • In the 'pay' box they can draw money or write the amount in Won. Or whatever currency they feel. You can explain to them the concept of per hour, or just let them be creative as possible. 
  • 'Duties' will be what they have to do... you can go over this with them - have those handy Korean to English dictionaries out as well. Some students (older) will be able to write these sentences easily. 
  • 'Where?' would be the place that job is carried out - they can draw this also. (Doctor - Hospital, Zoo Keeper - Zoo, etc). 
  • 'Hours' - are work hours, where they can draw the time in the clock faces. 
UPDATE August, 7th : Here's the results ! I think they turned out great! I'll definitely repeat this for the job unit at my other schools. 

Activity 6: Decode the Jobs

This is a fun worksheet I thought I could slip in while students are finishing up their job adverts. It's one of those numbers mean letters sheets, so you have to crack the code. 
I will give a prize to the most beautiful job adverts, etc - so I want them to color and write with high quality. So this worksheet will be more so for the early finishers. I might also just give one per pair and then the first pair to decode it all correctly wins a prize.  I got this cool worksheet from , a fantastic and FREE site with tons to download!  You should join!

Activity 7: Craft - Community Helpers Stick Puppets
I love these! And if you've got a limited budget they're perfect. You can print them on thin white card and have your kids either paint or color them. You just need to buy the Popsicle sticks, or you could use some thick card board and/or a pencil? They could wrap around a bit.
 Best of all these templates are all free to download and print!

I got them from First They have lots of cool things for us teachers. :)

I have this activity - but probably won't use it. As it is a bit high level. It goes through jobs and verbs associated to them. It's a free download I found on The Teachers Notebook , so go for it , if you like!

You'll notice this plan is shorter than the others and that's because this final day of camp won't be as long as we're having an open market place day. Throughout camp our students will get coupons for every game they do well, rewards, etc and then on the last day they can go "shopping" in our little market place at school.

Hope this helps, happy teaching.

I won't be including a bundle for this plan as everything is linked to download, just download what you want.


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