Monday, 1 June 2015

The Sock and/or Pencil Game !

Hey all, first things first - I can't take credit for this idea, as my Co-teacher came up with it for her open class and I just love it! So props to her.

Anyway, it's a simple game that works like this:

Ask your students to bring in CLEAN socks, then separate them into 2 teams . (Our classes range between 20-25) 

Next, have a box for each team. We had two brown boxes with the labels "green team" and "yellow team" on them and a post-it of each colour to match, stuck on top.

After, collect one sock per team member and put into their team box. So you should have two boxes , 1 for each team, filled with socks.

Now the game part

Tell your students beforehand the following phrases they'll need to know for the game:

A:"Whose sock is this?"
      " It has a ____________."  (It has a ribbon? Pororo face? flower? stripe? etc.)
      " It is __________."           (It's red? blue? big? small? etc.)
      "Is it yours?"

B: "No, it's not mine."  /  "Yes, It's mine."

Now, my tip is that you demonstrate yourself by hiding a big sock in a box at the start of the lesson and then pulling it out and asking the questions by the 'A' speaker as seen above. Then have the students say "no, it's not mine."

So, the objective of the game is to guess the correct owner of the sock pulled out of the box.
We asked one team rep from one team at a time, to come up and pick a sock out of the box. They would then have to say "Whose sock is this?" and describe as much as they could (for lower level, colour was fine.) 

Then they had only three guesses , asking "Is this yours?" to the other team's members and if they guessed correctly "Yes, it's mine." then that team would keep the sock - the team with the most socks collected by the end, wins!

Now, you can also easily play this with pencils, pencil name it. As long as their names aren't on the items you're fine.

I hope this can work in your class and let me know how it goes! Sorry, classroom photos, maybe later.

Happy Teaching!


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