Monday, 29 June 2015

Power Rangers Themed Speaking Game!

Now, first of all - I do not claim to be the original maker of this powerpoint game. It is a fantastic idea that I found on . Thank you so much to the original owner of this template and fab idea!

I have spiced up the PPT a little, added music and some more gifs and changed the sentences around a bit, but ultimately, very happy to have stumbled on this when looking at the Waygook lesson plans section.

To download this PPT game for free visit my TeachersPayTeachers store. 

Anyway, this game is great for speaking and practicing sentence structure as it's common for ESL students to miss out key words and articles when making sentences. This particular lesson PPT is catered for grade 6 lesson 7 "Can You Come To My Party?" but it's easy to adjust it to any lesson you are on. Including the young ones - you could always change the tiles to the ABCs -which is what I plan to do next time I see my grade 1-2 after school club.

Here's the slides:

To download this PPT game for free visit my TeachersPayTeachers store. 

Title slides, has theme music and gifs move :

Next, the 'Let's practice' slide - review of the colours, they should know this if in 6 grade...

After that, we go over the key sentences and the method of the game. You can edit this for other topics easily.

And lastly, the game part! The tiles come up on screen with words that are from the lesson vocabulary. The student player must choose one tile and say the colour first, then the word and finally they must make a sentence with that tile.

For example:

Student: "red, 'pool' "
Teacher: "Okay, make a sentence."
Student: "Can you come to my pool party?"

Once they have correctly made the sentence the teacher clicks on the tile they picked and a point is revealed. In this game there are positive and negative points as well as "steals" and "switch points" hidden behind the tiles. It is a great team playing game and really gets them excited to read and make their correct sentences. 

Hope this can help you guys out for a great speaking and reading activity.

To download this PPT game for free visit my TeachersPayTeachers store. 

Happy Teaching!


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