Monday, 29 June 2015

Lesson "May I use your mirror?" Comic Books

We just finished our lesson that included asking for permission sentences such as "May I take a picture?", "May I watch TV?" etc. I thought a fun way to wrap up the lesson and do a bit of writing would be by use of comics. I've used  comic writing activities before and frequently use my trusty template that includes Batman, Pororo, Harry Potter and Spiderman. I made the template in Microsoft word, it's very easy to make.

Download here

Instead of boring white paper, I actually cut the panels out and asked the students to choose which ones they wanted and then we stuck them onto yellow paper.

If you'd like to view how I used comics in other lessons follow the links:

So, here are some of the comics my students made. I told them they could use the sentences from the textbook and also, they had to design a title page. I'm very happy with their work!
teaching time 20-30 minutes. 

Happy teaching!


  1. How do you download the comics template?

  2. Yes, where is the link for the download?


  3. Thank you! :)