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English Festival Half-Time Show! Free PPT download.

This year English Festival was far less stressful as the homeroom teaches took care of most things and all we had to do was help with practicing and preparing a half-time quiz show to entertain the students on the big day. Last year I wrote my own scripts and did lots of prep, you can read about it and gather ideas by clicking here. 

First and foremost, you can use this powerpoint for your English Festival interval entertainment, etc and you can also use it for camp and/or after school English club. There's a bunch of challenges and it's silly but fun.  Also good for an end of year review game. 

We did a raffle which was a blast but sadly the 6th grade won the most prizes out of our lucky box... so next year, if I do the raffle again, I am going to make 2 separate boxes for each year group so that an even number of 5th and 6th graders are winners.
The raffle was easy to get going - just got every class to write their name, class and one English sentence on pieces of paper and then we put them all in a decorated box and pulled them out during the show and gave prizes. They had to run up on stage and read their English sentence. I was touched when I found this raffle ticket in the mix:

No. I did not have anything to do with it! She wrote it alone - promise.

So, now down to business, my half time show !

I created a fun PowerPoint that was called an 'English Olympic Games'. Now, I did use some slides from other Power points I found online but I added many of my own and changed the graphics - but none the less, I can't take full credit. I owe some of the rights to a few teachers on Waygook who gave me some great ideas. So I urge you to take a look at the original posters 'Olympic Games Comparatives PowerPoint that they made for Grade 6 - a lesson on comparatives. Click here.  It was posted by "welcomebackkotter'. Thanks to them!

Also, another waygook person I'd like to thank is Melonie0989 as they posted the 'Where is SpongeBob?" game on waygook and I added that to the end of the quiz show as well (not all, some slides only). Thanks!

Here are a few preview slides! Hope you can use this for your students, we had great fun! You can of course, download this PowerPoint game for free on my teachers pay teachers page. 

These are the first few slides. I ask for every activity that 3 contestants come up. I tried to get one from every class as the game went on, and tried also to get girls and boys, a mix each time. The winner gets the gold medal - a candy lol. But I gave all participants candy in the end.

So the first challenge you can see is who can write the alphabet the fastest. We had paper and sign pens and I said 1, 2, 3 Go! The first to finish - must be legible! - won.

Next, we did the shoot the hoops game. Just gave them rolled up trash paper balls and I made them WORK! I had one box and each player had one trash ball. I gave them each a turn separately , so one by one. I played the " 20 seconds" slide and they had to throw the ball in and if they got one in, they earned a point. They had to run and retrieve the ball at each time, so it was a work out for them! haha The classes were roaring with cheers and only one player managed to get a ball in!

Next the rock paper scissors challenge. This was easy and the gif was great on the slide. I had 6 students come up for this one and they first did rock paper scissors in three then we broke it down until we got one winner. It was great - especially good for the low level students. (It's a fun one more than English one I know, but it's ok).

Next, I got the idea from a Mr. Bean cartoon episode. It's the paper fish race. I gave my students a paper fish each (had 3 come up for this one) and one Korean style plastic fan. They waved the fan as fast they could to get their paper fish across the stage, the first to reach me and my imaginary finish line was the winner.

Next, we did a "who can count to 20 in English" challenge. Easy done, I would get 1 student up for this one.

And then after that, another 3 come up and they can guess the animal according to the clue sentences given. The first to say the correct answer is the winner. Have the students read the sentences aloud on the reveal slide. I got this from my Animal Guessing Game that is all guessing animal slides as seen, you can download and read more about it here.

Now, someone made this on Waygook also - a counting animal game - but I can't find the original poster. Sorry! and thanks again, contact me if it's you!
 The animations applied to the animal pictures make the animals jump on and off the screen quickly. The students have to watch carefully and guess how many appear. If they get it correct they are the winner. Very fun.

Lastly, this was the "Where is Spongebob?" game that works really well. The students practice saying - 'He's in the living room' etc. The first to say it out of 3 students is the winner.

Anyway, this was a fun time and I hope some others can use the PowerPoint for a fun lesson in their classroom!

Happy Teaching!


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