Monday, 1 June 2015

Designing Our Own Boardgames! Whose is this?

Grade 5 is currently on the topic: 'Whose cap is this?' - all about possessives, etc.

To spice things up a bit I wanted to try something different and more importantly, I've noticed that my grade 5s are a bit slower in the writing activities and need to be practicing more. So I wanted to create a worksheet that would get them writing, reading and being creative.

 So I designed a board game template that could get them writing and then as a reward for their work, we would actually play their designed games afterwards.

Here's my demo game, completed:

 It may be a 2 part class or if you have enough time (I suggest about 30 mins at least) you can design and play all in one lesson.

Download the PowerPoint for this lesson here.
Download my Board Game Design Worksheet here.

Here's a sample of my board game worksheet:
 (I illustrated the worksheet entirely).

What I did...

I gave every student a worksheet and then told them to fill in their name and date. Next, I showed them my PowerPoint slide which has all the different sentences the students need to complete their board game worksheets.

However, some slides include blanks and I tell them that they need to come up with their own idea - whether it be someone's name or a new object. This was a chance to get them to be more creative.

The lower level students were also really into it because it was an easy exercise for writing and reading. We moved at quite a good pace and I told them I would reward them for good handwriting.

Sample slides:
As seen in the last slide here ^ I have the students make their own idea for what Tracy owns.

Also, at the end of the slides they have to put a red dot and yellow star to make "move back" and "move forward" boxes for their game. They can put more on other boxes if you like, but I thought a limit to 1 each would do fine as it's a short game.

Here's some student samples: We have yet to add our yellow star and red dot...

 I'll update you on our next lesson, part 2 - playing our games!

Happy Teaching!


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