Monday, 22 June 2015

Chef Brain - International Foods Lesson

For our last lesson on the topic of food, we finished up the "check up" part (a little end of topic test) and then I wanted to do something with the around the world that was a bit more extensive. So I used my trusty 'Chef Brain' who is a character I made for a few food related classes now - and we looked at school lunches across the world.

To see my past post on international foods for an after school lesson click here. (includes  PPT and worksheet).

So, I created this PowerPoint with Chef brain and a few new vocab words came up - although my students already knew most of these words:

To download the powerpoint for free, click here. 

The buzzfeed video is short and sweet. The kids find it really interesting and are constantly yelling out "맛있어요!" (Ma Sit Sso Yo) which means delicious in Korean. 

For a quick comprehension check I asked if they remembered the 4 courses of the French school lunch. I have them make guesses and explained what course means in terms of meals and some remembered the bread and cheese while others remembered only the chicken, etc. It was nice to see them being attentive and trying to remember.

For the end of lesson activity I asked them to think of their 'dream school lunch'

Now, because my students have taken to this lesson quite well, I told them to write their dream lunch in their books - using the format "This is a___________. It has _______ and __________." 
(The same as our previous lesson). I did this because I liked them practicing the writing as we don't always get to practice enough sometimes and they felt excited to tell me their dream ideas. 

To download the powerpoint for free, click here. 

Happy Teaching!


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