Thursday, 21 May 2015

Grade 3 , Counting Animals

Yesterday, feeling inspired I created a fun puzzle and activity worksheet for my grade three class. We're currently studying the topic of numbers and animals - and moreover, creating plurals.

A great song to sing for this lesson is the number song by one of my favourite video makers 'Kids123'. They always have great melodies and lyrics.

The phrases include:

"One cow. Two pigs. Three dogs. Four cats." and "How many _______ are there?" etc.

You get the gist.

So, as a fun warm up and writing activity I thought I'd make a paper puzzle with illustrations of animals and spaces for them to write the animal names.

It looks like this: (Once printed and cut up)

Download my Animal Counting Paper Puzzle Here.

The kids when seeing it, got really excited. I cut them all up myself the night before class and mixed them up, then put them in piles, securing with paper clips.

In class I told them they needed to match the papers together. After everyone had successfully matched we read the sentences, or moreover, made the sentences...

"How many cows are there?"

Students: "One cow!"

"How many cats are there?"

Students: "Two cats!"

Me: "Catssssss s sound sssssss"

...and so on...

Then I had them fill in the blank spaces with words. I wrote on the board with them, pushing them to spell by making phonic noises for each letter. They knew about 80 percent of the time but still a bit shaky here and there to spell 'pig' and 'dog'.

Here's how well they did , as I got them to stick the puzzle in their English notebooks.

It went really well and it was a nice change for them to do something more hands on.

Happy Teaching!

Download my Animal Counting Paper Puzzle Here.


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