Wednesday, 27 May 2015

English After School Class: International Foods!

For my latest after school lesson we studied some international foods and did a little reading. New words included 'international' and 'traditional' and some food words. It wasn't difficult at all, they were very interested in other foods and I got them drawing to, so it was a fun lesson overall.

This is an extremely easy to prepare lesson and it works really well. I'd also do it for a camp day or even a review on countries and food later in the year.

My display of our international food lesson.

So first, I gave them the worksheet I made, to match my PowerPoint. You can download it for free at my teachers pay teachers page.

At each PowerPoint slide the students learn the new food name, where it's from and have to draw it. We used the words "traditional" a lot. They already knew most of the foods and when it came to the South Korea box I told them to draw a food they know from Korea.

My board: I did the food drawings with them and we went over the vocab slowly as well. I translated it for ease.

Happy Teaching!


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