Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Daily Routine - Computer Class

At one of my smaller schools I only have 1 student in grade 5. This can be quite difficult as it limits the activities I can do at times, such as games, etc. So today I wanted to try and make it interesting by making use of the technology in the classroom. I realize for many teachers this isn't always an option but I do recommend asking to use the computer room one day! I'm going to try at my big school - will let you know what happens.

Now, today was really simple. I asked the student to log onto Safe Images . Com  which is a Kid Friendly image search engine.

 Next I explained that he had to complete a daily routine display. This was a simple template I downloaded from Twinkl but all you need are ready-to-cut out clock faces that are blank so the student can draw the arrows. Here's what it looks like (should be easy to make your own in word):

I made ours smaller than the download because we had other textbook things to do first, so only enough time for 4 activities and times. You could do more.

Now, his 'mission' I told him, was to go to safe search. com  and type in one of the daily activities from his book to find a picture.

The textbook lists activities such as:

  • get up
  • wash my face
  • have breakfast
  • go to bed

but I told him he could add more which he did - he added take the bus to school.

We then copied and pasted in paint and after all four pictures were ready he had to type the sentences in English under each picture. This was really fun for him, getting to use the computer,
After that, we printed and he had to cut and stick the pictures as well as cut and stick the clocks and complete the clock faces with the appropriate arrows for time.

I'd love to do some computer based project like this again, with an entire class. Will see...

Of course you could do this with drawing as well, but I thought the computer was a nice change,

You could also have magazine images if you have some laying around / and or newspapers - but a bit limiting there...

Happy Teaching!


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