Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Restaurant Role-Play

I've done this lesson before but this is my most recent class and it went really well. You can see my previous post on this, it differs as we made our own menus in that lesson.

So, in our class our simple warm up was listening to a song - this is a teacher student favorite I've discovered so play it for any food related lesson:

So I bought a cheap table cloth and had some doilies laying around and some old chopsticks so I stuck them in a cup and put some tissues for a more restaurant table effect...wish I bought a cheap vase with plastic flowers...

Then before starting the role-play we played a quick game of 'Alphabet Stew' -it's a favorite of mine. You have the students write the alphabet and then write a word that starts with the letter a, b, c and so on. We obviously did it with 'foods' as our topic. Kids enjoyed this, we just did it on the white board together as it's a short lesson and they always arrive a tad late.

A apple
B banana
C cookies
D duck...etc...

Here they are...reading their menus!

After reading the menus together as a class I had them also read the script I wrote on the board:

Next, I acted as the waiter and said the 'A' lines...I also asked in between "what drink would you like?" and the kids were able to act along with me. It was a good practice of reading and speaking. Even my lower level/shy students took part easily. After, I asked more confident students to go around and be the waiter --taking our orders and we had to change our food choices each time.

We also played a short memory game at the end where I explained that I would go first and say "I want bananas" then the next person has to repeat what I say and also say a new food :

A: I want bananas.
B: I want bananas and cake.
C: I want bananas, cake and pizza...etc

This also was fun and worked really well, they could easily use the food written on the board during our 'Alphabet Stew' warm up or refer to their menus.

Maybe next lesson we will make our own menus! 

So, I drew my own menus as I love to draw and had some free time... you can get them from my Teachers Pay Teachers page.

When you download you will get my original menu, a menu without 'Baia' on it and instead a blank space to put a student's name as well as a blank menu for the students to draw and write their own food and drink options. 

Happy Teaching! 


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