Wednesday, 29 April 2015

No Computer , No Problem... Simple ESL Projects

Today I had major computer issues and all of my lovely video warm ups, textbook computer CD-ROM activities and PowerPoint games were useless. So with 5 minutes till class time I had to improvise. The results, not half bad! And it reminded me just how important it is that we don't rely too much on technology in the classroom.

Before our projects I played a little speed game. This is simple and can be adjusted to numbers and ordinal number practice also. 

Get the students in a group, if you have a big class make groups of about 4-5. Then, hand the groups one piece of paper and one pen/pencil. 

You tell the students that they must write the alphabet in order, but one group member writes one letter and passes it to the next, and so that everyone participates and the aim is to get as many letters (or words if you're doing another topic) on the paper as you can in a short amount of time.

I usually give about 2 minutes and for higher level 1 minute or less. This is very good for practicing the order of things. You could play it with days of the week and months also...


These were all the materials I had, under such short notice...the kids luckily had their own sign pens (felt tips) and crayons.

 For Grade 3 we were luckily on the topic of food, practicing simple phrases such as “I like bananas” etc. So I had the quick idea to do the writing activities in the book and then we made menus. It was a fun activity and the students got really into it, trying to make the best menus and after their homeroom teacher even let them spend extra class time finishing them. I rewarded with big shiny stickers.

You can see them using their textbooks to write their menus.

You can also view my previous posts on menu making that I've done with role-playing and more! 

For Grade 4, I was also computerless so we reviewed the song as I remembered it from last class and we did the short writing activities in the textbook then I told them to design their own ‘Sports Day’ posters or advertisement which is Gwang-go (광고) in Korean by the way -came in useful to know. I did a quick sketch on the board to show them how they could design it but expressed that they could make changes and do it in their own way.

Here’s the finished product… and I’m thankful to have survived the classes without technology!

Until next time… Happy Teaching!


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