Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Clothes Line Warm Up :) Sit Down, Stand Up

For a simple warm up with my small grade 3 class I did this clothes line activity.
I first wrote out on the board instruction sentences that were missing words. Then on separate paper, I wrote out the remaining sentence -these papers are what they should hang up onto the clothes line with the pegs provided.

Because it's such a small class I divided them in teams (4 students total, 2 teams of 2) and gave them 3 cards each... then they had to pin it up , matching correctly. Whoever finished their paper matches first won.

How to play with a larger class? I would with a class of 25 -30, separate into 2 teams again and have them line up, then play the whisper game as I have before but instead of a dialogue with blanks to fill I would have the close line! See my post on the whisper game for more info.

 My board before pinning the paper matches..

My board after:

Kids found it fun and liked the pinning aspect, very simple but a good warm up. They had to read to find the correct match and afterwards we read all together. Takes about 5-7 mins.

Keep following my blog as I suspect I'll be using the clothesline again for larger classes and different lessons. :)

Happy Teaching!


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