Thursday, 23 April 2015

Birthday Card Making - These & Those

We've come to the end of our topic about 'these' and 'those'. I decided , a nice way to warp up would be with a simple project. My kids aren't all artistic but it turned out very fun and pleasant. We made birthday cards.

I used plain A4 papers that I cut in half. Easy preparation!

I showed them a couple birthday cards online for inspiration first and also I showed them some shape poems and shape cards that use only the words 'Happy Birthday' to make a shape:

This image is from the website :

Next I showed my demo card and explained that inside the card they needed to make two sentences. "Those are ____________" , "These are _______________." They were able to use vocabulary from the lesson as the textbook showed a birthday party, teacher's day party and children's day party texts.

My demo card:

I told them they could choose any objects to complete their these or those sentences. They did well. Here are some of our cards:

 ^This girl is an artist, she especially enjoyed this activity...but she forgot to write "balloons" ... lol.

In case you were wondering, my textbook looks like this (for this topic):

Happy Teaching!


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