Thursday, 19 March 2015

Snakes & Ladders for Grade 4 ! "This is Bora."

This is a quick way to practice speaking and I've used it for small classes (as seen in the pictures) as well as with large classes.

The game is simple - Snakes and Ladders, you can make it on a PowerPoint or you can draw it on the white board or even make the game board out of card, etc. (Leave the squares blank).

So first you present the board and in this case my board had many words from the textbook as well as some I knew they already could read and understand.

Our textbook phrases for that lesson was "This is my ____________." So before playing, I would point to each square and test the class if they could make the right sentences. For box one as seen above, it says "My name is _____________." - this was to revise the phrase, so we all said "My name is _________" one by one. After I pointed to the 2nd box, they read "This is my ball" then I went to the 3rd box and they said "This is my cake." and so the pointing continued until we reached the last box.

Right, now let's play.

 So, for the game, when they roll the dice they land on a square - it could be a snake or a ladder they land on also, so move their marker accordingly (I used cups for my markers but on the big white board with a large class, I'll use magnets). Then, when they have put their marker on the box they have to make the sentence accordingly.

The students are very keen to play and get to the finishing square -all while practicing the key sentence.

You can make this game more advanced by adding more than one word to the box so that the student can make 2 sentences, and so on.

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Happy Teaching!


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