Monday, 29 December 2014

ESL Show & Tell ! Free Downloads

This is a great lesson for an introductory ESL class or an end of year class - or any class, really! It works so well as you can really get to know your students better and also they can get to know you better.

However, I chose to do Show & Tell for my grade 6 class that was on the unit "How do we say it in Korean?" I thought it would be perfect as it tied in with the phrases "Can you tell me about it?" and "How do you say it in English?" , etc.

So I told my 6th graders in advanced (About two classes before, and reminded via kakao and seeing them at lunch) to prepare an item for Show & Tell. I told them to bring one item that they found special to them. I also prepared my own item.

At the start of our Show & Tell class, I showed this simple PowerPoint that went with my
Show & Tell :

 Now, as you can see I explain what a "Marmite and Chip Sandwich" is and of course, I brought some Marmite, chips and bread for them to try it for themselves -which they loved and hated lol.
I just made one sandwich per class and cut it into cubes as it's just to taste. (Tip, put Marmite on each of the bread slices).

Some students actually enjoyed it and asked for more... but a few were indeed making the funniest faces , regretting their decision to try it!

So after the tasting, I had the students come up one by one and show their item. I first asked, what is your item? and then the class and I asked "Can you tell me about it?" They tried their best to make describe their item - which is a great way for them to think of dialogue on their own. A few of them had little papers they read off of. Overall, a really cute lesson. One student brought a vase he had made in Busan, another a box she called her "treasure box" that was filled with sentimental letters and small items. There was also a student who brought her favorite pen and pencil, she said that they were special to her because her dream is to be a cartoonist in the future. It was a great lesson.

Now, I didn't do this with my class but you can download them on my Teachers Pay Teacher's website:

These are great little summary sheets to finish with after Show and Tell.
Download here. 


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