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ESL Shopping! Shop til you Drop PPT and Online Shopping form! Free download!


 In my grade 5 class we're on the unit "I'm Looking for Jeans" which is all about shopping for plurals : shoes, socks, sunglasses, gloves, etc. So we have practiced the phrases "I'm looking for ______" , "How about these?" , "How much are they?" , "They're ___ _______ won" , "Oh they're cheap!" , "Oh no, they're too expensive." , etc...

 In an earlier lesson we practiced money by simply writing numbers on the board -and I got them to write out the number in English in their books. I used coloured markers to get them into the pattern and also set them homework of writing numbers.  Note: This is South Korean money !

This is what my whiteboard looked like:

Anyway, today was fun game and project day! I did this fun PowerPoint game which I called 'Shop Til You Drop' - after that TV show. I separated the class into two teams, Boys vs. Girls and told them they had a 100,000₩ each to hindsight I guess I could lower it to 50,000 ₩...

Download here: Shop Til You Drop PPT 
(I have no more room on my Google Drive so you'll have to download off my teacherspayteachers site, it's FREE don't worry!)

Anyway, so after that I told them they were to go shopping and whoever can buy the most items and save the most money is the winner. So I had to keep a list of the items sold and my co-teacher (thankfully) did the math of adding up what they spent and subtracting when a wild 'sale' card jumped on screen. 

So, the real point of the game is to practice the dialogue , I had this written on the board before the game started: 

I told one girl and one boy to do rock, paper and scissors to establish which team goes first. Boys won and so they started. A slide pops up that shows a clothing item -like so:

So the team playing has to make the sentence "I'm looking for sneakers"
The other team reads the next part of the dialogue "How about these?" then back over to the other team who asks " How much are they?"

Team 2 says " They're 30,000 won"
NEXT it's up to the playing team if they wish to spend their money or not by saying either:
"Oh they are cheap! I'll take them" OR "Oh no, they're too expensive."

 If the team chooses to take the boots I will write up the amount on the score board and note that they have bought 1 item. At the end, the team with the least money spent and the most items bought, wins.

 -so remember to note items bought as well as money spent!

Now, there's also some surprises. Some slides have SALE cards that come up only AFTER the team has chosen to purchase it. This makes it more fun and surprising. The kids got really excited when a SALE card came on screen because it means they have saved their money.

E.g. These earrings start off at 15,000 won but with the sale are only:


So next : Project time! 

I had about 25-15 minutes left of the lesson after starting with this game, so it was a perfect segway for our projects. I designed these myself using a combination of Microsoft word and my own illustrations.

 Before starting I demonstrated by projecting the worksheet on the board and filled it out with the class. I got a student to come up and illustrate the missing product and give it a price also. We also did the simple math together. I said that if they got all 5 parts of the worksheet correct - 5 out of 5, then I will award them with a candy next lesson and/or star. 

They are available to download on my Teacher's Pay Teachers account.
NOTE:You can opt to choose one just like mine with illustrations or a blank one, that is a word doc and editable!

Here are some of my beautiful online shopping forms from my grade 5s:

This kid got creative and offered chicken drumsticks as his product!


Happy Teaching!


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