Thursday, 11 December 2014

At The Restaurant! ESL Role-Play! Free download!

For my recent after-school English club we did a fun script activity that was all about ordering food.
I printed off some menu's from Google Image search - it does not matter that the menus are advanced, as long as there are some familiar foods it's fine. It's a relaxed lesson, so don't stress on the menus or making menus - takes too long. I got a variety, about 4 different ones and printed them on A4 paper.

<--- one of my menus

I got the girls into a table as if at a restaurant and gave the menus out.
I then wrote the following on the board:

Waiter: Hello, what can I get you?

Customer: I'll have the _______________, please.

Waiter: And you? What would you like?

Customer: I'll have the _____________, please. 
(Go round the table taking orders)

Waiter: And what drink would you like? 

Customer: I'll have a ________________, please.

You can see how simple and repetitive it is. And that's good, because it was supposed to be simple and fun. So I had the girls look over the menus, they asked me questions and we had a bit of pictionary explanation and then I told them we'll act out a restaurant drama and I played the waiter first. 

We acted out one by one, waiter going to new customer each time...using the board dialogue to help. Then I spun my white board marker on the table and whoever it pointed to had to play the waiter next. I joined the table and ordered along with the script too. This was a super fun and simple way to practice restaurant ordering. I'd do it with an adult class too. 

Our menus and us...


For our next lesson we made our own menus. They were very enthused. We  used a simple template I got off Google too.
Download it here.

Making our menus:

After making our menu's we did the same activity and I added a couple new words to our role-play dialogue:

I added the price line because I had the girls write prices on their menus. So the person playing the waiter had to calculate the price of each person's meal. This was pretty easy as we wouldn't calculate after everyone, we calculate one by one - and everyone ordered 1 food item and 1 drink. Good bit of math for them to practice !

We had great fun! Simple lesson for your classes to practice conversation :)

Happy Teaching!


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