Monday, 1 December 2014

Alladin Reading Lesson + Genie Project ! "What do you want to do?" Free Downloads!

My latest project lesson went fabulously, I did a fun lesson with the help of Disney's Alladin Movie. I actually found an Alladin Powerpoint on the great site/online community called "Waygook" and I loved it. I modified it slightly by adding different video links and cutting it down a bit but the original was very useful. You can go to the forum and see it here, it was made by user 'Maureen'. Thanks Maureen!

You can download my shorter version here: Alladin PPT (Mine has less Vocab and story, Maureen's is useful if you have more time and would be great for an English camp lesson!)

So, I showed the students the PPT . The first slides go over vocabulary. The next are short story of the movie (very, very simplified) and they simply read along as a class with me. I also stop at 3 points to show a short YouTube video which helps the story.

Vocab slide preview:

Story Time Slide previews:

At this point (see above slide) I stop and click the picture that links to the Youtube video of "A Whole New World" - it mesmerized them and has big lyrics on screen.

After the video we go back to the story time slides , here's a few to preview:

And at this slide (above) to another video, a funny one when the Genie changes Alladin into a prince and the monkey to an elephant.

There is one more slide that has a picture of Alladin and Jasmine getting married. I linked it to a video I found online - must be an Alladin movie part 2 or cartoon as I don't remember it from the Alladin movie I saw growing up. I saved this video till the end of the class when the majority had finished their projects.

After the PPT, I asked the students "What does Alladin want to do?"and they answered with :

"He wants to be a prince" , "He wants to marry Jasmine" ... "He wants to look like prince"

This was perfect as it linked with our current spot in the textbook "I want to help mom." which asks students "What do you want to do?" - teaching the word 'want' and activities such as "I want to play soccer, I want to eat pizza, etc..." See my lesson on sentence and dialogue structure to know more of the topic.

So after that instead of making wishes , they made sentences about what they 'want to do'...hehe, see what I did there? I made these genie worksheets that you can download free: Genie Worksheet

The lesson also worked well to encourage the students to not only, practice 'want to..' sentences but also to be more creative and see the unit's vocabulary outside of the textbox's setting. We used our English to Korean dictionaries also , which really got the students interested in being more creative.

As I always do now, I wrote a marking criteria on the board, that looked like this:

"Project Point System

3 completed sentences - 3 pts.
All Finished, colour, name & writing - 1 pt.
Spelling & Grammar - 1pt.
Beautiful & good ideas -1 pt.

If you get 6/6 you can have a star"

The 'star' refers to our Star Point System.

Here are some of the projects :)

This kid found the word "perpetually" in the dictionary and ran with it... 

Happy Teaching!


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