Thursday, 13 November 2014

Project: Fun Job Applications! ~ ESL Job Lesson

We've been studying jobs in Grade 6 and today was our project day. I decided a fun way to review the topic and get creative brains a buzz would be via job applications. Of course, I didn't make these applications all boring and formal - I added some kid-friendly flare and drawing sections.

Before starting the project I did a simple speaking game by making a list of jobs and equipment they would need for said jobs.

Here's my list: (Download Job Match Up List )

So I cut these into individual strips - be careful! Computer Programer is together. (I accidentally cut it in half)
Then I gave out the job names to half of the class and the other half job equipment.

I then told the class they had to go around asking "What do you want to be?" and the other person should answer with the appropriate job name (those with equipment names should guess what their job is). When they found their match they could sit down.A very simple activity that was a great warm up.

ALSO - another game, which I played earlier in the unit is a simple 'alphabet stew' game. Get the students into pairs and give them a mini whiteboard and markers,  or a paper and pencil. Next, tell them to write the alphabet. After, instruct them to write all the jobs they can think of , one job per alphabet letter- so the job name must begin with the corresponding letter in the alphabet.
E.g. "A - Astronaut, B- Banker, C...." I demonstrated letter A and they got it in a snap (better than explaining).

After, tell them they have only 2 minutes to finish. The race is on ! I told them to use their notebooks and textbooks for help. It's a fun exercise as they are intrigued to see how much they know. After the game I wrote all the jobs on the board and they called out their answers. My classes automatically started taking notes as they were interested to know more job names. NOTE: This can be a 20 minute to 30 minute activity! Time-keep wisely!

Anyway, back to Job applications.

These applications are playful but look pretty legit. hehe!  I explain to them what 'application' means , with the help of my co-teacher. Then I tell them that they will need to apply for the job of their dreams. The first box has a space for them to write their name, date, birthday, email and phone number. They got very excited writing out their emails . (If they don't have an email, tell them to make it up!)

I drew some illustrations to make it more kid-friendly :)

In the next box there is a fun 'tick the box' for gender but I have 3 options : boy, girl or alien !
(A few ticked alien...can't say I was surprised).

The biggest box is where the writing component comes in. I left some blanks between words to help with sentence structure and most of the students had no problem getting into their writing. I also, as always, demonstrated my own by writing it on the board and having them read it.

I wrote: (excuse the cheesiness)

Now if you have Korean to English dictionaries - this is the lesson where you can actually use them! Hooray! Finally...making use of them!

As you can see there's the odd "doesn't" sentence - it's in our textbook and I had to incorporate it. But you could always leave this out. Although, I got some really creative answers so I'd keep it!

Here are my favorites:

(WHO - World Health Organization - we had to look it up too! Determined girl!)
I love her "put out diseases" line - she's a smart cookie that one!

And of course, the designer in our class:

our baker:

Our strict hotel manager:

And the lovely, non-stereotyping artist:
 Those dictionaries were put to good use!

Of course, after the writing came the fun illustrating. I have a little box that says "JOB EQUIPMENT" where they can either write or write and draw their job equipment, like so:

And of course I made a JOB UNIFORM section:
By the way, this is the uniform for one of my students who wants to be a priest!

I am really happy with these job applications. The students spent a good 30 minutes on them and were able to come up with some great sentences and illustrations. Some of the students really gave their all and made use of their dictionaries and textbook. I would repeat this lesson in a heartbeat.

Now, I marked the Job Applications out of 10 and I showed the marking system to my class on the board, and rewarded those with 8/10 and above with a lolly.

To download my Kid's Job Application you can purchase it at the TeachersPayTeachers website:
Job Application For Kids 
The illustrations are all hand drawn by yours truly !
Not to worry! I will still have plenty of free downloads to come!

 (I've blurred out their phone and email).

Update: This is a display wall by Daharis teacher from Jeonju. She used my job application worksheet in her class and they look wonderful! Thanks Teacher D!
She has a fun travel and fashion blog that you can visit for great places to see in Korea. Check it out at The New Glam .com

Happy Teaching!


  1. really great, going to use it!

  2. What program do you use to make these on? My programs are all in Korean so needless to say I've been frustrated and my worksheets have been lackluster :( I'd love to make them more fun and kid centered!

  3. If you have a hotmail account you can usually make a word doc online.

  4. Hi Ardyn! I am so happy I found your blog. I came to teach in Korea through EPIK and I was lost at what to do because I did not want to teach by the books. They are horrible. Anywho, my goal was to start my blog and create material on teacherspayteachers, but I lost my inspiration. However, thank god I ran into this blog! You gave me my motivation back. I am going to so use your "Job Application" worksheet! You have a new follower. You have great ideas and I am going to have to steal a few. I'll tag you to let you know how it goes =D. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Hey Nancy! That's so great to hear - thank you for the kind words. I hope you do get inspired and go for it. Blogging keeps me very motivated to be more creative in the classroom...and yes, the textbooks can be terrible at times. Good luck and thanks for following, I also have a facebook group to keep you updated as well. :) Happy Teaching!