Wednesday, 26 November 2014

FACT COMIC BOOKS - Wrap Up Project for Comparative Adjectives *Update*

UPDATE NOV 09 2015
Hello, the fact comic book is now free as there was a spelling error. I am deeply sorry for the mistake - I often have problems when I am drawing lettering, sorry! If you did purchase this comic book and pay for it - please contact me via my Facebook page with proof of purchase (screen shot, etc) and I will give you store credit of $3.00 - you can download anything on my store. 

Thank you and sorry!

Free download - fact comic books

We have finished our comparative adjective unit and today was our project day. I designed this "fact comic book" for the students to colour and complete. The kids did this really well and we did it for most of the lesson (approx 30 mins). It covers reading and writing as well as creating their own comparative sentence. It's pretty straight forward, each student was given the template and there are sentence starters and illustrations to get them going. They also have blank spaces to illustrate the second part of their sentences.

Before I started, I demonstrated by projecting the comic on the white board and got the class to help me write a sentence:

 You can download the Fact Comic from my TeachersPayTeachers account, thanks !

The kids quickly got the idea and I went through the other sentences briefly and explained they need to do their own original sentence... I also got them to use their textbook and dictionaries to help and the kids did really well to get creative! Very proud, here are some sample snap shots !

Happy Teaching!


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