Thursday, 6 November 2014

Clock Project for Past Tense ! Free download :)

Hello Teachers!

Hope winter is treating you well (or summer if you're down under). This project was super simple and my 5th graders did it superbly. It was easy to explain, and the kids got stuck in quickly.
The worksheet looks like this:  download here

So first, I put up the worksheet on the projector. And we did the activity as a class:

I demonstrated what they should do on the board. First they need to pick 3 sentences that are past tense.

Their first sentence should be about where they went with a time within the sentence.
"I went to school at 8, I went to the zoo at 10, etc."
This was a good way to revisit our schedule/time lesson earlier in the year (daily routine lesson project) The second sentence should be about what they did and the last, an "It was _____" sentence, which is why I listed some adjectives on the board that they could use. (These were mostly student suggestions).

My demo sentences were:
 "I went to Song Hyeon's house at ten. We played soccer. It was fun."

I then instructed the kids to cut out their clock arrows and stick them on the clock according to the time in their sentence. Then I told them to draw a little picture in the circle provided, cut it out and stick it on their clock also. They are to write their sentences on the clock face as well.

It's quite a quick demo as the kids pick up really quickly when you're doing it with them on the board. Also, I created a point system in order for them to be rewarded. I said that each sentence was worth 1 point, correct arrows was also worth 1 point and then the picture was worth 2 points. Then I said that if they get all 6 points out of 6, I would give them candy. This was a great success as my laziest students were eager to finish and get all 6 points. I was tough too - they needed correct spelling and the right past tense word.

I also prepared another demo clock earlier to show. The kids found this useful to see and became more creative too.

So here are some of the cool past tense clocks:

Dong Hui's Clock :
I went to the pizza store at 1:00. I bought a delicious pizza. It was delicious.

Hope you can make use of this easy project, have fun and send me pictures if you do it please!
Love to see other results.

Happy teaching!


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