Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Top 5 review Game and Fortune Teller Game - Project!

Heads UP - I've done both these activities before so there's a lot of links to the previous lessons in this post as I'm too lazy to re-explain everything. Sorry!
If you would like the template you may purchase it at :Template Teachers Pay Teachers and the demo you can print and download : Demo template

(I'm going to still have free products but anything I personally illustrate and design without the computer/internet , I will be charging small fees. Girl's gotta have some funding, right? Thanks for the ongoing love and support)

So, we just finished lessons all about the house. So today was project day as well as a review. I used the easy to adapt TOP 5 game and the kids loved it. Instead of doing an inter-class competition I split the class into boys and girls. This made for quite the interesting game! Please see the Exam Review/ Top 5 lesson to understand and download (free!) the game.

Now, more importantly , after playing the game we started the projects. Before giving the template out, I explained what the game is. I've done this before , so to see the full rules of the game go here: Fortune Tellers for English. I then wrote out on the board - with help from the students, the things you can do in each room of the house, and garden.

I also drew a few examples on the board, before showing them my own demo one. It's also good to ask students to play with you when you are demonstrating. After I played the game with them, they got excited to make it.

"Teacher: Pick a number!

Student: 8

Teacher: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! Now, pick a word!

Student: dog

Teacher: You can play with the dog here! Where is it?

Student: The garden."

They really enjoyed making their own games. I got them into pairs, so each person would design 2 squares. In our textbook we skipped one of the activities that had furniture stickers , so I told them to use the stickers for their projects.
If you are limited in time, perhaps draw 2 boxes already filled out. Or, I would print out lots of images of furniture, small size , and have the kids cut and paste the pictures like stickers. It's really a 2 part lesson or at least a good 40 minutes for the project. We did it over 2 lessons.

Happy Teaching!


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