Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Simple Speaking Game for "How Often Do You...?" Questions and Answers! Free PPT Download

Today my grade 6 had part 2 of their lesson called "How Often Do You Exercise?"
The lesson involves a bunch of survey type questions to do with health and more. Key phrases include :

  • How often do you exercise?
  • How often do you brush your teeth?
  • How often do you drink milk?
  • How often do you clean your room?
  • How often do you eat snacks?
  • once a day / week / month / year
  • everyday
  • twice
  • three (+) times a ....
So you get the picture. All about your routine and habits, while practicing frequency adverbs and expressions. This is a good link to update you on the grammar , I had a quick read to refresh. 

In this lesson we focused on reviewing the key phrases as we went through them briefly in the prior lesson. It also focused a lot on speaking. The first game we played was as a class, boys against girls. I got my giant dice out and had my simple PowerPoint on the screen. 

The PowerPoint is just a series of slides with a single GIF on each of them that corresponds to one of the "how often do you _______?" questions. Here are some slides :Download PPT here

How often do you exercise?

How often do you take a shower?

How often do you eat snacks?

Simple Game Rules:

When the slide comes up on screen the class is supposed to say the correct "how often do you ________?" sentence. The boy or girl player will then grab the large dice, roll it and whatever number is rolled is the same number of times they do the said activity. 

Example script!

Slide that comes up is of Princess Jasmine brushing her hair:
(YES it's in the PPT)

CLASS:  How often do you brush your hair?

STUDENT rolls the dice, lands on '6'.

BOY STUDENT: I brush my hair 6 times a week. 

TEACHER gives 6 points to the boy's team. Girl's play next, change to new slide and repeat. 

On my whiteboard I wrote:

Of course there are some funny answers, like "I take a shower once a year" or "I brush my teeth once a week" but this is all in good fun and is still a way of understanding the phrases - the more jokes the better!

And I added, as you will notice, some extra phrases to the "how often do you_____?" questions such as "brush your hair" and "watch TV". 

The kids really started to enjoy this game and woke up a bit as they were especially groggy today... their Japanese visitors had left, so some tough goodbyes. 


After our class PowerPoint game I instructed them to take out the cards in their textbook on page 207 . Now, if you aren't working with my textbook but your lesson is the same/similar you can make your own cards easily by printing pictures of the activities on A4 and have the students cut them out. Or you can just have words instead of pictures also, make a table in word, etc. 

The cards:

After taking out the cards and making them separate. I got the students into groups of 4-5. Then I told them to put all their cards together, shuffle and put in a pile in the middle of their desks. (piles are face down).

 Then, instead of the textbook game we changed it up - well, simplified by playing the exact same game as the PowerPoint game we played as a class. 

We gave the groups one dice each and instructed as follows:

The first player must pick a card from the pile.
Then he/she must show the group the card and they say the correct "how often do you _____?" question.
Next, the player rolls the dice and answers according to the number rolled. (once/twice/three times....etc).
After the first player has made the sentence, the player next to him rolls and makes their own sentence according to the dice. This is repeated until every group member has had a chance to roll and make their sentence. The person who rolls the highest number in the group can keep the card and therefore, win that round. 
If two people get the same high number no one keeps a card and a new round starts.
The player who finishes with the most cards (when the teacher says stop) is the winner.

We played for about 15 minutes and there was plenty of speaking involved and the good old fashioned competitiveness of the students made things interesting. 

That's it, a simple game for a simple speaking based lesson.

Happy Teaching!


  1. Thank you so much!!! I will definitely be using your class ppt game for period 3. Period two just kept trying to explain the sentences as my students werent' really able to properly produce the language once I started asking individuals.

  2. The way of the card game is brilliant. I'm sure my students will enjoy it. Thank for the good idea~~