Thursday, 23 October 2014

"Mirror Mirror On The Wall" Worksheet and Short Video PPT - Describing People Vocab Project! Free downloads.

This is a super simple project that I recently completed with my grade 5's. Our topic "She has long straight hair" has come to an end so we needed a project to review the vocabulary. I decided to do a project with drawing as well as writing and based it on the beloved Snow White tale - highlighting of course, the evil queen and magic mirror.

So first, I showed this video that I linked in the powerpoint which you can download here .
They all knew the movie and the magic mirror so then I showed them on the powerpoint slide, what their project was, and we did an example project together.
I got the students to yell out sentences describing someone and I drew.

 They of course took the opportunity to make it funny. Then we wrote the sentences out next to the drawing . Easy as pie!

I then told them that they had a choice -to draw whatever they like and write the description in the box accordingly or they could take one of my drawing cards from my container and they would have to draw what the cards say. I like this for the lower level kids but it also means that they are comprehending the topic by reading a description and drawing it accurately.
Some of my cards:

You can download my cards to cut and put in a container here.

So that's about it, I gave the worksheets out and the kids had a good time designing their magic mirror people.

Please feel free to download the worksheet here.

Happy Teaching!


  1. THANK YOU ! Did this and it was such a great lesson.

  2. Brilliant! Thanks for your sharing.

  3. I am going to try this out with my Thai students, thank you very much!