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How Often Do You _______? Whisper Game & Class Survey ~ Easy Speaking Activity !

For my grade 6 classes we are onto the lesson "How often do you exercise?" this lesson is all about surveying health habits and more. It also practices frequency adverbs and goes over a few new words such as 'survey', 'about' and 'habits'.

For part 3 of the unit I decided to revisit the whisper game as this practices dialogue nicely as well as spelling, which many of my students have problems with. It went very well and the kids woke up a bit. (Holiday was yesterday so coming back to school for one day was a downer!)

Please see above 'whisper game' link to know the full rules if you haven't played my version before. :)

Dialogues used:


Hello, can you help me with my __________?       (survey)
Sure. What is it _________?                                    (about)
It's about your ______ habits.                                 (health)
How ______ do you _____ your hands?                  (often) (wash)
I wash my hands _____ times a ____.                      (eight) (day)


Hi, can I survey your health _______?             (habits)
How ______ do you brush your _______?     (often) (teeth)
I _____ my teeth ______ a day.                       (brush) (twice)
How often do you eat ________?                     (snacks)
I eat snacks _______ times a week.                 (three)
Great, thank you.
No, problem.

After playing the whisper game, we did a casual conversation activity between the class and I, by drawing a massive pictograph on the board. It looked like this:

Now, for all you mathematicians don't judge me! It's focused on speaking... not perfect grid lines or making complete sense hehe! (if you have a better design - let me know!)

So I first drew the X and Y axis and then titled the graph, I had the students ask me "what is the graph about?" and tried to get them to guess and spell "Health Habits".

After that, I wrote on the Y axis "How often do you..." and then had the class gave me suggestions for what "how often" questions to ask. Every class had a couple different such as "How often do you study?", " computer games? " and " your homework?"

Next, we filled in the X axis with the frequency words. I did a simple once a day/ week..., twice a day/ week/... and so on. I also added, in one of the classes 'Never' as a student brought that up.

So, after making the graph I then told the class to choose a question for me to answer. (This acted as my demo). The class would ask me "how often do you exercise?" and I would answer in a full sentence " I exercise five times a week" then, I marked with a simple illustration the correct place on the graph and added my name 'baia' to it.

After I completed a couple more questions as further demonstration I then asked the class who would like to come and answer a question for themselves?

 A lot of the class wanted to share, this was great. So one by one the student would come up, the class would choose together, a 'how often..." question and the student would reply in a full sentence and draw a little illustration on the graph.

The math side of this lesson is not supposed to be stressed, hence the lack of a grid and accurate placed drawings. It's all about the conversation. I also got the class to make the sentence after the student had completed their illustration, which was good to practice the "She/He brushes/ washes/ eats, etc" sentences.

It was really relaxing and kept them interested. I have cool rainbow coloured markers also which made the drawing bit fun also. I strongly suggest a class survey like this - and if you are more gifted in math (as I am terrible) you can make this a lot stronger mathematically and have a truly wonderful cross-curricular lesson.

Nayun takes a shower once a day.

<---- Look at her lovely shower drawing.

Chae Won washes her hands more than 7 times a day.

Hyon Yu takes a shower once a day. (Good to know!)

Health Habit pictograph :)

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