Thursday, 16 October 2014

Easy Drawing Game + Review/Guessing Game! Describing Appearance Vocab - ESL Free Downloads!

We're still studying all about describing people - hair, nose, eyes, etc. So what better way than playing a classic and simple drawing game to practice speaking?

Before I started the drawing fun we did a quick review PowerPoint that has has a little guessing game inside it. I started out going over heights as the textbook never mentions the in between of tall and short... so I added 'medium height'. I guess average would work also, but they know the word medium so I thought it more useful.  And medium makes more sense to me...

So here is a few slides from the PPT you can download :

Note: I also have a He is _______ (handsome, good looking, etc) slide - not to worry. Just adding some better adjectives for them to learn.
I have 3 more guess who slides - Harry Potter, Jack Sparrow and Ariel the mermaid. It's easily played. Just read the slides with the sentences out and then reveal who it is after they have made a guess.

You can change and add what you want. We would read the guessing slide out as a class. There are a few new words but they were easy to translate and simple enough.

Okay, so after this simple review and game, we started the drawing game!

This game is super easy. All I did was get two students up to draw what I said. I would say sentences from what we have learnt: "She has long, brown , curly hair" etc. but after I would throw in "She has one big green eye", " She has two teeth" and more. They loved it. I even drew one of my own and they made the sentences for me, to write up.

My monster:

So after having a few teams to come up and draw I then got them into pairs and they played the drawing game with their friends. So simple. They had a great time and the speaking element was very successful. I heard lots of funny but full, grammatically correct sentences! The kids had a blast.

Check out their "pretty" and "handsome" people:

Happy Teaching!

Let me know if you use this lesson and I'd love to see photos !


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! It looks wonderful!