Tuesday, 14 October 2014

"Crazy" Dress Up PowerPoint Activity ! "What do they look like?"

Ladies and Gents, this PowerPoint is one of my finest. It was a big effort to pull off, lots of clicking, cropping and moving on the computer screen to get this right - but boy, did it pay off! I had to do it for 3 different classes too!

Our latest topic for grade 5 is all about describing what people look like. It's focused mainly on facial features and the basic height descriptions of tall and short. Now, I have taught this unit before, but with far less free rein  and I wanted this year to do it far better and avoid bullying.

Yes, as we know, kids can be cruel. Anytime I teach anything to do with appearance I am very careful to NOT do the describing game using the students themselves. In my opinion it's a big no no as you're just asking for bullies to come out. However, how do you get to describe real life people you know - without hitting the bullying mark? Well, I think I found a fun way!


Before the crazy dress up PowerPoint I did my own review PowerPoint that went over types, lengths and colours of hair. As well as eye colour and more. I've made sure to add grey , red and blonde hair as my textbook doesn't seem to care about red heads and blondes! I also introduced hazel, the eye colour.

Here's some of the PowerPoint to get an idea... we simply read the sentences aloud. It was entertaining enough with the pictures and it's only a short one. 
So after the review I sneakily turned off the projector and wrote the following on the board, testing if they could understand and fill the blanks:

 She has _______, __________, __________ hair.      
               (length)    (style)            (color)

He has a _________ nose.
She has _________, ________ eyes.  
                  (size)       (colour)
She has ________ ears.
He has a _______ mouth.
He is ___________.
She is __________.      He is ___________.
            (beautiful, pretty....etc).

After going over the above (had my co-teacher translate what size, style, height meant, as it was easy for them to work out after the fact) I then announced that I would show them a picture of a person and they have to make the sentences. The students all agreed nonchalantly...no idea of the surprise to come!

Projector on! First (unlucky) student photo to be on screen and the laughs and squirming starts.
Here are some sample slides: (you fill in with your photos)

I created this PowerPoint using photos from the administration so they're all the same size. Then I found as many crazy wigs , eyes, mouths, noses and ears to dress up my students with. I decided to do every single student so everyone is laughed at, a healthy embarrassment as my mother would say - and more importantly, equal. My classes we're really good sports about it and just enjoyed laughing and cringing when their own photo popped up on screen, dressed with crazy facial features.

 (I swear I wasn't shouting, just very enthusiastic) hehe

Now, once the pictures are up on screen we simply make sentences describing their new 'crazy' looks. About 2 sentences per picture as I only added 2 crazy features to each photo.
You can have the whole class say it out loud as I did or if a quieter bunch, get them to volunteer or pick.

(sorry about the poor quality pictures)

If you attempt to do this activity it is going to take a lot of prep on your part with the PPT but here it is to download, I've taken the photos out so you just crop and paste yours in. Make use of the new Windows "remove background" button on the format picture options as well as the "arrange" button to move pictures forward and back.

Good Luck!
Oh and why not do one of yourself? I didn't get the chance !

Happy Teaching!


  1. Love it! This is great. Thanks for the wonderful ideas! :)

  2. Hi Ardyn,
    I love your blog. I'm wondering how you got the images for the crazy dress? Like the afros, wigs, big eyes and stuff?

    1. Google image search mainly, and then I used new Word (windows 7) to remove the backgrounds and then sized accordingly.

  3. My co-teacher loved this lesson! She has NEVER praised me so much! Thank you!

  4. Wow, thank you so much for this PPT and idea! Can't wait to use it next week!

  5. Thank you so much! :D Awesome idea and really well made!!! :D