Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Little Red Hen! Storytime, Comprehension and Crafting Boxy Hens! Free download!

My current after school English program is all about reading. I thought it would be a good way to make use of the many books in our English library as well as introduce free reading websites to my students. Last week we did Anthony Browne's book Willy The Dreamer but today I chose a book from online - the classic tale of The Little Red Hen.

I found this fabulous website called "MeeGenius" which offers free books that can be read to you or you can read alone. They had in their 'free book' section The Little Red Hen. So as a class we read it together online. (Read The Little Red Hen Now)


 After reading I asked them to tell me what happened and discussed the story further. Why were the other animals mean? Selfish? Etc... then I had printed out from my Twinkl account a Little Red Hen story board that I then laminated, cut into cards and had my kids put them in order according to what happened in the story.

You can join Twinkl yourself! They have fantastic downloads and lesson ideas. Just search for "little red hen" to find the resources - obviously for copyright reasons I won't be posting the download from my Google Docs. - but you can join and find it easy on the Twinkl site.   Little Red Head Sequencing Cards Download 
Note: Twinkl is not free. 

I played a bomb timer on the computer and gave them 4 minutes to put the story in order.

 Next, we read the short text on the story cards to check the correct order.

 After, I gave them these cool Story Review worksheets, also from Twinkl !

 After checking the worksheets I then gave them chicken box templates that I downloaded for free (no sign in) from - I'll definitely be using them again! Cool ideas!

I told them they didn't have to do a little red hen, any colour was fine - it was a fun, easy activity that the boys and girls got into. I even had a student stay behind as she was too excited to finish hers! I also had some plastic eyeballs that I let the kids use for their hens also. FUN! 

 A simple lesson that meant reading a story, checking comprehension and a fun craft to finish!

Final Display:

Happy teaching! Mrs. Baia's Classroom


  1. Twinkl resources you listed aren't free

  2. Hi, sorry that they aren't free. I guess I was referring to the chicken box template. I can change the title on the post from "free downloads" to "free download". Hope it didn't ruin the lesson plan for you!