Friday, 26 September 2014

Story Time: The Wizard of Oz ! Reading and 2nd Page of our PopUp Books!

 So if you saw my last after school class post, (click here to see) you'll know that we read the first two pages of The Wizard of Oz, went over vocab and made our first page of our pop up books. Today we made page two! -When Dorothy meets her new friends, the scarecrow, ironman and lion. (Tinman wasn't used in our book).

First we went over the vocab we learnt last week with this quiz sheet, I gave them 3 minutes to complete what they could then we checked over together. Most words they remembered easily.

After the review we read 3 more pages of the Wizard of Oz book, using the CD from the book. We also used the CD track that translates the key vocab from English to Korean. 

Then I comprehension checked by asking them to explain what happened in the story to me. We then wrote out our two key sentences to summarize. (note, these are low level students so you can make it harder depending on who you teach).

 After that we made page two of our books - Pop Up Dorothy and friends , on the yellow brick road ! 

Here's the demo I showed them:

Now it's all very easy to make. I first printed out brick roads (portrait) on A4. You can get any brick road picture off the net! 

I printed on both green and white so that some kids didn't have to colour grass.

Next I found a black and white picture of Dorothy and friends online and had them cut it out. The 3D making part is easy - this site is how I learnt how to do it: Pop Up Instructions  


I got the kids to follow along how to make it pop up - just by folding the brick road paper in half then cutting two slits and pushing it through. 

While making we played the Wizard of Oz movie! - they've seen the first few scenes now, I skipped to the storm. 

And here are the glorious results! 

I think we'll do about 2 more pages then a title page. I will be happy to have them go home with their own English pop-up books.

Hope you can get some ideas for your own class! Happy Teaching!