Monday, 22 September 2014

Simple Powerpoint Memory Game For Reviewing Weather - or Anything!

This is a simple powerpoint game that can be adapted easily to your topic. I use it for a review lesson, just to liven up the class a bit. The lesson we did before was all about the weather and we watched a funny video also -read all about it here, download resources also.
Download Memory Card Game PPT.

It works easily, you have a grid of letters on the board which are your 'cards' - split the class into 2 and have the players who volunteer pick two cards (letters on cards to make this easy). Next, reveal what is on the cards by clicking. If the pictures/words match then the team gains a point.

How to make it more useful for teaching?

Easy. Write the dialogue that matches the topic on the board. For my class we are studying the weather so I had on the board:

So when ever there was a match up I'd have the class read the dialogue, the player will answer the question "How's the weather?" by filling in the blank with whatever weather was on his/her matching cards.

Here's a couple screen shots of the powerpoint to get the idea:

Starting screen, chose your 2 cards to match:

attempt to match:

If you match correctly, then you must read the dialogue with the class...
"It's going to be sunny this afternoon."

A miss match :
Click the red X to close and start a new guess...

So as you can see , it's just pictures are words. You can easily download and change according to your topic of study.

Happy Teaching!

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