Monday, 1 September 2014

RING TOSS GAME ! Fun and Easy Speaking Activity! Don't forget to bring ________. Free ppt download!

For our current topic I wanted to get a head start on the vocabulary by introducing a lot of it in one big speaking game. It's very simple. All you need is a ring toss set - but don't freak if you don't have one they're easy to make!

here's how :Easy to make Ring Toss Game or just get a bottle and use tape rings as your rings. You can make multiple ring toss targets or just use one.

Anyway, let's go over the prep.

You should play this game after one or two lessons, where you have gone over at least half of the key sentences and most of the new vocabulary. In my class we are studying the 6 grade lesson 'Would you like to come?' which is all about parties and what to bring to them.

Our key sentences are:

  • "Would you like to come to my ____________ party?" 
  • (birthday/ Halloween /  barbecue / pool / pajama / snack party)
  •  "Yes, thanks for inviting me." 
  • "I'd love to, but I can't"
  • "Of course"
  • "Sure, thanks!"
  • "Don't forget to bring ______________."
Now, for the ring toss game I wanted to incorporate all these key sentences and I also used the game to introduce the "Don't forget to bring __________." sentences. In the textbook they provide only 4 different 'Don't forget to bring _______." sentences. So for the remaining parties I made my own options.

So before the game I gave the students a worksheet that looks like this:

Download the Would you like to come? worksheet here.

Then we went through this fun Powerpoint before starting the game. This introduced the new vocabulary and I made it interactive, asking the students to make guesses and fill the blanks. It was also great for the students to give different ideas.

For example, when I asked what could put in the blank (Don't forget to bring _______.) for a Halloween party , many students said 'costume' and 'some candy' and the textbook says Jack-O-lantern. So this means they are thinking and learning new vocabulary simultaneously. A good interactive lesson before playing.

here are some examples of the Powerpoint presentation:

Download Powerpoint Ring Toss Game

I just learnt how to include gifs. The kids found them interesting and fun. The pink writing comes up after you click.

I made a table on the board and filled it along with the kids so that they could have the correct spelling. Of course, I waited for them to tell me how to spell the party names (birthday, Halloween, etc).

Now for the game.

Grab an empty container and write down the 6 different types of parties on pieces of paper/ card and put them inside the container for the kids to pick. Separate the class into two teams.

Ask the first player to come up and pick a card (without looking) from the container.

Next, when the student has their card they are to recite the sentence "Would you like to come to my ________ party?" -filling the blank according to the card they picked from the container.

Following that, encourage the class to answer the question with the sentences they have learnt - "I'd love to, but I can't" / "Yes, thanks for inviting me!" ,etc...

Then, get the player with the card to say the correct "Don't forget to bring _______." sentence that corresponds to the card he picked from the container.

After saying the correct sentence they can toss a ring to try gain a point for their team.

For example:

  1. Student picks out 'Halloween' card from container.
  2. He says " Would you like to come to my Halloween party?" to the class.
  3. The class replies with yes or no sentences ("I'd love to, but I can't" / "Yes, thanks for inviting me!" ,etc...)
  4. The student then says "Don't forget to bring a costume/ a Jack-O-lantern / some candy!"
  5. They take a turn tossing a ring. They get a team point if they succeed! 

So by the end of the game you've revised vocabulary from earlier lessons, learnt new vocab, practiced speaking and memorizing dialogue - plus, it's fun!
My kids loved it! 

I suggest using this with various topics - all you need to do is to change the vocabulary. 

 Happy Teaching! 


  1. Where did you get the ring toss?

    1. We already had some at my school in our resource room (untouched for so long - dusty when I found them). But you could always make one ?

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