Thursday, 18 September 2014

Reading Time! The Wizard of Oz - page 1 of our Pop-Up Book! 3D Houses!

So in our after school class we have started reading The Wizard of Oz! A classic. Even better, I have a book that has a CD with it that also translates a few of the key words in Korean. Here's the book:

For our first class we only read the first two pages and went over the key vocabulary.
Here are the pages - which are awesome as they have the key vocab on the side with illustrations and I paired that with the CD track that translated the words into Korean.

After reading these pages and testing them on the key vocab we decided to write out sentences (simple) that summarized the first 2 pages. Then we moved onto 3D house templates ! Because... of course what is The Wizard of Oz without the house landing on the wicked witch!

We followed this template that I got from the very useful site
The site provided free template downloads if you join on time and instructional videos!
Link to Easy Pop-Up 3D Template
and video below:

So here are our houses with our wicked witch underneath!

And of course... I had to make one hehe... Always good to do a demo! And I wrote a bit more.

Next week we are moving on to pages 3 and 4. So...keep checking up on the blog to see what we do next. I want to add to our house and probably make a simple pop-up book about The Wizard of Oz.

Happy Teaching! Mrs. Baia's Classroom


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