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Loaded Lesson: Pictionary, Find The Mistake PowerPoint and Fun "How's The Weather?" Video + Woksheet!

My Grade 6 classes are onto a lesson about weather which also adds some random activities like doing taekwondo , riding a bike, flying a kite, etc. The textbook is revisiting the activities as we've learnt them in 5th grade and a few early 6 grade lessons but the unit also combines this with weather vocabulary. Our key phrases include: "What are you going to do this afternoon?", "I'm going to ...." , "It's going to be (rainy/sunny/cloudy/snowy...etc.) this afternoon."

Anyway, so I wanted to do a bit of a loaded lesson which would cover the weather vocabulary well and also a fun game to rehash the names of activities. Also, I noticed in the first lesson of this unit that my students were having trouble with the sentence structure of the key sentences and missing or adding the wrong words... so after going through the textbook song and 'listen and repeat' segments we did a quick "Find the Mistake" powerpoint - which I am going to repeat in other units with other sentences they struggle with as I found the students really paid attention and learnt from this. (nice surprise!)

Find the Mistake PPT. Download
Here's some of my slides - very simple, all I do is show the slide with the mistake and they have to tell me what is wrong. Then an animation comes up to cross out the wrong word or a textbox floats up to fix the sentence.

You could flesh this out during exam prep and have them write the answer in their notebooks and don't reveal the answers until after- like a test.

First I show a slide with a mistake, then, after they have guessed correctly I show a slide with the correction and we read the correct sentence aloud as a class:

I have about 4 or 5 more slides like the ones above, picking on mistakes they often make.

After the Find The Mistake PPT. we watched this funny, amazing video on Youtube :
 It's by MapleLeafHashima which is a fantastic YouTube site for great ESL elementary videos and songs. Check them out!

Then I paired the video with this worksheet I made in word and asked the kids to match the weather to the nation while watching the video. Ideally, had I more time I would play the video once then give them the sheet, then re-watch the video to check their answers - so a memory game. But you don't need to do that, it worked very well with them filling and watching at the same time as the video pace is slow enough for them to listen and understand while matching.
Download Workheet here

 This weather video and match up worksheet worked really well. The video is quite funny too! After we checked together as a class and practiced saying the key dialogue.
I would ask "How's the weather in Canada?" and they would have to reply with the answer from the video "It's going to be snowy in Canada." 

Next, we played a fun and easy pictionary game to wrap up the lesson and still practice some key phrases. I just put pieces of paper in a container that had the activities from the textbook written on them... so 'taekwondo', 'computer games', 'soccer', bike'...etc. 

I did not write the verb before the action so that even the drawer would have to know how to put the activity into a sentence. Moreover, the students have difficulty remembering to say "I'm going to play soccer" or "I will do/practice taekwondo" , etc- they will often miss the verb before the sport ( "I'm going soccer" or "I will taekwondo") so in this activity I made them guess the pictionary answer by saying complete correct sentences.

This game is always a good way to get some of the lower level students into it as they don't see drawing as intimidating as answering questions and speaking. The student simply has to come and take a paper, draw what's on it and the class has to guess in full sentences. I also write the dialogue up on the board and have them read it aloud after each pictionary guess.

Dialogue on board:

You can act out or point to a weather symbol while they're reading the board, in order to complete the weather sentence in the dialogue or let them come up with it alone. E.g. if they are going to play soccer you could say - Are you sure? It's going to be rainy this afternoon...

Happy Teaching!

This is also a great cartoon about weather, you can opt to stop and ask "how's the weather?" at certain points. It's simple English and my kids loved it.

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  1. Really good idea to do the ppt with mistake checking. I am going to start doing the same for every topic...great, thanks!