Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Learning the House - Part 2 &3.

For Grade 5 we have been studying the lesson "This is my house." Which, as you can imagine is all about a rooms of the house and a few furniture items from each room. I don't really like how basic the textbook is - the refrigerator is not mentioned for the kitchen and neither is a pillow or blanket for the bedroom. So I've really extended the vocabulary and decided to break the lessons up - basically, we do the textbook speaking and reading activities and then we dedicate the rest of the class to learning a room and its contents each lesson. The first lesson we did was the bedroom - you can read and download the powerpoint by clicking here.

Now, I have stuck to the same format of teaching the vocab as my first bedroom lesson. Which is a simple memory game, review time and then 'hammer game'. The memory game is simple. It's just a powerpoint slide with a bunch of pictures - of objects from inside the room we are studying, and then I tell the students to only look for 1 minute. Then I turn off the screen and have them write down as much as they can remember. NOW, spelling is important but I don't make it vital - however, now that we are on to our 3rd room and furniture such as lamp, curtain, window, table, chair, etc are repeated I do expect those words to be spelt correctly.
Download Bedroom and Living Room PPT

So, after finishing the bedroom we did the Living room...

Memory Slide:

One of the hammer game slides :
The hammer game is just me calling out "There is a ____ in the living room" and they have to hit the said object with their giant plastic hammer. (play the Trash Ball version if you have no toy hammers).

NOTE! I've now stepped away from the calling out and have volunteer students say "There's a ____ in the living room" - they really enjoying being in control of the game and they practice their speaking! (teacher can sit back and relax a bit!).

Download Bathroom and Kitchen PPT here
Now, after the living room we moved onto the bathroom! I also added a couple of "strange bathroom" pictures for them to have a laugh at, take a look for yourself:
(They're pretty self explanatory.)

 Both of the above are from Japan by the way.

Now, here's the memory game slide:

 I give candy to those who can memorize the most words.
  And here's one of the bathroom slides that I play the hammer game with:

Next is the Kitchen, and coming up after this I plan to do some grand quiz game... I'll let you know when I've come up with it!

Kitchen memory slide for game:

And here's one of the kitchens we use for the hammer game - it honestly never gets old, they love it.
Oh and add some chopsticks to the memory slide ! I forgot. Whoops.

Just the garden to do, but might skip that and go to grand quiz... the garden has items that aren't as important as the rest of the house and many are words they already know such as swimming pool, dog, puppy, cat, flower, bike, grass, etc.
Download Bathroom and Kitchen PPT here

Happy Teaching!


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