Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Inside The House! PPT. Hammer Game To Learn New Vocab! Free Downloads!

This is an ultra simple but fun lesson. We are currently studying "This is my house" which obviously is about the rooms of a house and furniture within a house. So there's quite a lot of new vocabulary. Our key sentences are "What's in the _______?" (bedroom/kitchen/bathroom/living room/garden) and "There's a ______ and a _______." (sofa/TV/bed/desk/stove/sink/table/toilet...) SO the aim is to have the students name objects found in specific rooms/places around the house.

We have already gone through the first and most basic vocab so today I wanted to broaden their vocabulary as there are a lot of items in a house. Also, many of the students already know the textbook's vocabulary as it's rather basic furniture being named. So, I wanted to include a few more and I realized within the lesson that they knew most of the additional vocabulary anyway. It was definitely a good lesson to push those high level kids and touch on more vocabulary outside the textbook that's also indeed, useful.

So here's how the powerpoint goes. I first show them a page that has lots of pictures of furniture and ask them to do nothing but look at the slide for 1 minute. I have them put their hands on their heads too. Then after a minute is up, I turn the screen to blank and they have a minute to write whatever they can remember down in their English notebooks. This is a basic but fun 'memory game'. It worked a charm also. I wanted to do it before going over the vocabulary to see what they already knew in English. The majority knew up to 5 words outside the set textbook vocab, so that was good to know.
Download my Bedroom Vocab PPT
Here's that memory picture slide:
After rewarding the student who could remember the most and wrote down the most words, I went over the new vocabulary with the class. I wrote the names of each object on the board and they had the option of writing it in their notebooks , but not compulsory as they had already recorded the textbook vocab prior. This is up to you, of course.

Next, I showed them some slides of different bedrooms and I had too big plastic hammers given to two students at a time. They had to bang the object I name with their hammer. There is something about kids - they love hitting things with over-sized hammers. I didn't even have to take down points! Just the joy of hitting something had them going - and listening very intently to the new vocab! Win, win. You could do this with any subject really, and it's pretty much the same idea as my Trash Ball Game but with hammers instead.

After that we played a cool online game from one of my go-to esl game sites called "eslgamesplus.com" . Note : check the game before use as the vocabulary can jump from easy to difficult and I think it may be British based so some of the terms are not American, which in South Korea can be an issue - must explain to kids the different words for different country. (which is also useful for them to know! So don't shy away! )

Here's the link to the memory matching card game we played all about the bedroom:
Bedroom ESL Vocab Memory Game

Now, as you may have noticed this class was bedroom centered. I plan to do a different room or 1-2 rooms at a time for the up coming lessons as much of the vocabulary is repeated. It's only adding a few extra words each time and it also means that there's a good understanding of every room and its furniture. So next lesson we're going to do the living room, dining room and kitchen together (great combo as many houses have a dinning room/kitchen and living room connected as one open space.) Plus the bedroom is a good start as the living room and dining room have many similar furniture pieces such as a table , rug, window, curtains, chairs, cushions/pillows, etc.  The textbook is so basic that it doesn't even mention a fridge for the kitchen, so you can see why I want to extend the vocabulary for this topic.

Happy teaching! Keep on track with my upcoming "this is my house" lessons. :)

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