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Connect 4 Inspired Game! Great ESL Speaking Activity!

This isn't my game/lesson , my co-teacher taught today and I think she got this from Waygook as I've seen it before. Nonetheless, a great speaking game that I would love to do again for any dialogue question and answer practice. In this post I include two different lessons we used this game for! One for grade 6 - a lesson about invitations/parties and grade 5 - telephone conversations, 'can you join us?' phrase.

Here's the game used for Grade 6, lesson 8 "Would you like to come?"
First, she showed a powerpoint and explained the activity to the class.

Before that we'd gone over the vocabulary with a powerpoint slideshow and use of the textbook video for part 1 of the lesson...

Anyway , here's what the worksheet's looked like :

Here's the link to the WAYGOOK post that has these available for download : download post
Special thanks to Waygook user 'JC49' for this upload.

Anyway, so here is how you play the game:

  • Put the class in pairs
  • give one worksheet to each pair
  • ask them to play rock, paper, scissors to determine who goes first
  • the first to start has to ask the question "would you like to come to my ______party?" they thus, must choose a party from the worksheet (the top row of the table with pictures).
  •  next, after asking the question, the other player must answer with one of the answers on the left hand column of the table.
  • Then according to what party and what answer is given, is where the first player marks their box.

player one: "Would you like to come to my birthday party?"
player two: "Of course."

 See where the green circle is? Make sense?  (Birthday party / Of course)

So the object of the game is to make 4 circles in a line (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) but it's a challenge as your partner will dictate where you will be able to make your mark - and vice versa. You should allow the students to completely fill up the table and then mark their lines of 4 when finished. Whoever made the most lines of 4 - wins!

The powerpoint to give these instructions and explain the game is included on the Waygook link. Make sure to scroll down to JC49's post, or shortcut keys 'Ctrl + F' will give you the find box and you can type in 'JC49' or 'get 4'.

Now, after seeing how great this game worked as a speaking activity I wanted to do it with our grade 5's also. So I made my own sheet for our topic , lesson 8 " Hello, is Minu there?" which is about telephone conversations which involve inviting someone to join in on eating pizza, making things, doing homework, playing games, etc.

Here's my table, which only requires '3' to make a line. (So connect 3, instead of 4).

Notice I left a blank in "Can you join ___?" - this is because I am also teaching my class to say 'me' as well as 'us' , so that's why some of the activities in my table say 'with _____." or have no one else included. Good practice of singular and plural responses...

I also left a blank at the end so the students could come up with their very own activity.  (far right of top row).

Anyway, so my game is played by choosing an activity and then asking Can you join us? / Can you join me?

Then the second player will choose a response between 'Sure', 'Wait! I'm coming!' or 'Sorry, I can't.'

These connect games are really good for speaking. I would like to use them in the future with higher level or adult students. You can make it more challenging by leaving more blanks, so that they are not only speaking and reading but writing also - as well as creating. 

For example, a nice way to use this as an ice-breaker activity for a adult or high level class is to use the theme of 'Have you ever...?' The top row should have things like 'bungee jumped' , 'been to another country' , 'cooked for another person' , 'spent 100$ or more in one day' ...etc and the answer column could be fun if you had 'yes', 'no' , 'maybe' , 'I'm not saying' ...etc.

Or you could base it personality questions like ' Are you ....?
- a optimistic person? / athletic / funny / an artist / a writer / a TV addict ...etc and the answer column could range from 'Strongly Agree' to 'Strongly Disagree'  - Right?

Anyway, very inspired by this idea and thank whoever came up with it! I am definitely going to keep this one in my teaching arsenal for now and the future.

Happy Teaching! 


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