Thursday, 28 August 2014

Connect 4 Inspired Game! Great ESL Speaking Activity!

This isn't my game/lesson , my co-teacher taught today and I think she got this from Waygook as I've seen it before. Nonetheless, a great speaking game that I would love to do again for any dialogue question and answer practice. In this post I include two different lessons we used this game for! One for grade 6 - a lesson about invitations/parties and grade 5 - telephone conversations, 'can you join us?' phrase.

Here's the game used for Grade 6, lesson 8 "Would you like to come?"
First, she showed a powerpoint and explained the activity to the class.

Before that we'd gone over the vocabulary with a powerpoint slideshow and use of the textbook video for part 1 of the lesson...

Anyway , here's what the worksheet's looked like :

Here's the link to the WAYGOOK post that has these available for download : download post
Special thanks to Waygook user 'JC49' for this upload.

Anyway, so here is how you play the game:

  • Put the class in pairs
  • give one worksheet to each pair
  • ask them to play rock, paper, scissors to determine who goes first
  • the first to start has to ask the question "would you like to come to my ______party?" they thus, must choose a party from the worksheet (the top row of the table with pictures).
  •  next, after asking the question, the other player must answer with one of the answers on the left hand column of the table.
  • Then according to what party and what answer is given, is where the first player marks their box.

player one: "Would you like to come to my birthday party?"
player two: "Of course."

 See where the green circle is? Make sense?  (Birthday party / Of course)

So the object of the game is to make 4 circles in a line (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) but it's a challenge as your partner will dictate where you will be able to make your mark - and vice versa. You should allow the students to completely fill up the table and then mark their lines of 4 when finished. Whoever made the most lines of 4 - wins!

The powerpoint to give these instructions and explain the game is included on the Waygook link. Make sure to scroll down to JC49's post, or shortcut keys 'Ctrl + F' will give you the find box and you can type in 'JC49' or 'get 4'.

Now, after seeing how great this game worked as a speaking activity I wanted to do it with our grade 5's also. So I made my own sheet for our topic , lesson 8 " Hello, is Minu there?" which is about telephone conversations which involve inviting someone to join in on eating pizza, making things, doing homework, playing games, etc.

Here's my table, which only requires '3' to make a line. (So connect 3, instead of 4).

Notice I left a blank in "Can you join ___?" - this is because I am also teaching my class to say 'me' as well as 'us' , so that's why some of the activities in my table say 'with _____." or have no one else included. Good practice of singular and plural responses...

I also left a blank at the end so the students could come up with their very own activity.  (far right of top row).

Anyway, so my game is played by choosing an activity and then asking Can you join us? / Can you join me?

Then the second player will choose a response between 'Sure', 'Wait! I'm coming!' or 'Sorry, I can't.'

These connect games are really good for speaking. I would like to use them in the future with higher level or adult students. You can make it more challenging by leaving more blanks, so that they are not only speaking and reading but writing also - as well as creating. 

For example, a nice way to use this as an ice-breaker activity for a adult or high level class is to use the theme of 'Have you ever...?' The top row should have things like 'bungee jumped' , 'been to another country' , 'cooked for another person' , 'spent 100$ or more in one day' ...etc and the answer column could be fun if you had 'yes', 'no' , 'maybe' , 'I'm not saying' ...etc.

Or you could base it personality questions like ' Are you ....?
- a optimistic person? / athletic / funny / an artist / a writer / a TV addict ...etc and the answer column could range from 'Strongly Agree' to 'Strongly Disagree'  - Right?

Anyway, very inspired by this idea and thank whoever came up with it! I am definitely going to keep this one in my teaching arsenal for now and the future.

Happy Teaching! 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

An ESL Spin on the Classic 'Whisper' Game!

 Hey all, it's been a couple of weeks since I blogged, I was off on vacation in the lovely land of Brunei. Had a blast. Now, back at it - I admit, I wasn't too thrilled on Monday morning to start the new semester...but today, today! Is Tuesday. Feeling much better and this easy, fun game helped me get pumped up for this new term.

Chinese Whispers or 'Telephone' in the States, is a simple game of having to whisper a word in someone's ear and hope they hear and pass on your word correctly. Now, the English spin on this game is very easy... here's what I did for my current lesson 'Hello, Is Minu There?' which is all about phone conversations and inviting friends to join you in an activity.

First, I wrote 2 different scripts (from the textbook) on the board, but left 5 blanks.

Script 1:

Script 2

 After that, I wrote the missing words on cards. So 2 sets of cards - one for each team.

 After I put these cards in two separate containers, one for each group.

When the class came in I halved them by giving them the number 1 or 2 and telling them to make 2 group lines.

After lining up, we read both scripts out loud as a class, saying 'lalala' when we hit a blank. (They love lalala for some reason). After reading I told them their mission was to fill the blanks of the dialogue.

Next I told them that the first students in line would be the writers and I gave the writers a white board marker each.

I then told them the last students in line were the card pickers, and responsible for starting the whisper.

So the student at the end of their group line picks a card from their container , reads it and whispers it to the next student in line. The whisper is then passed on, by whispering and when it reaches the student who is first in line - the 'writer' - they must write it in the correct blank spot of the script on the whiteboard.

I acted the whispering part out very dramatically so the lower level kids could understand - ALWAYS DEMO YOUR GAME! I grabbed 4 kids and whispered "crazy" in the first kid's ear and they passed it on, much laughter at the word 'crazy', and the student's immediately understood the game. 
It was easy to then explain that the writers had to write the whispered word on the whiteboard, filling in the blanks of the script.

So then...let the game begin!

Now, you can play two ways - the first team to fill the dialogue wins OR which I prefer, I do word by word and the first team to fill their blank gets a point. This gives more of a chance if one group is slower.

After the game make sure to read the filled out scripts as a class.

I did it with my grade 6 class also for our current lesson "Would you like to come?" and I used the following scripts:

"_____ you like to ____ to my ________ party?
  Yes, ______ for _________ me!
  Don't ________ to bring __________________. "

Blank words: Would / come / snack / thanks / inviting / forget / some snacks

"Would you _____ to ______ to my ________ party?
   I'd ______ to, ____ I can't.
   Oh, _____ too _____."

Blank words: like / come / Halloween / love / but / that's / bad

I suggest doing this game for any topic as it's fun and easy to make. If you have a co-teacher you could always trash the cards and containers and use yourself and co-teacher to start the whisper! Yay! Less to make!

To ya'll in Korea, hope you all had a great vacation. Welcome back!

Happy Teaching!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Around The World Summer Camp! Free Worksheets and Powerpoints!

Recently I completed my first week of summer camp. In Korea you are expected to teach a summer and winter camp which is basically a little like summer school/ extra class but it should be fun and really interactive - light and easy, as it's during the vacation and it's only till 12pm.

So for my summer camp I decided to do an Around the World Theme. This is such a fun theme as every day can be different and interesting, and there are many resources online to help you out.
The countries I chose were Mexico, Brazil, France, New Zealand and Korea. Korea was a cool way for them to teach me a little about Korea as well as have them compare themselves to other countries we studied.

So let's take a look at what I did for each day! I made booklets but you could always pick and choose what worksheets to print out. I also had a matching powerpoint for each day.
It's always good to have a routine, so everyday we started with an introduction to each country by going through basic facts  - Country Name, Capital,  Flag (they draw it), Population, Language(s) and currency. Every booklet had a page with money from each country, so they would go to this page and cut out the correct currency and paste it on their introduction pages... (you'll understand better when you look at the worksheets below). I also gave every student a world map that was B4 size and a passport that they filled out and stuck their country stamps onto. Like the currency, they had a page with passport stamps in their booklet that they could cut out and stick.

Title Page
World Map b4
Stamps and Money
Passport Template
My  Plan


So here's France Day!

See how the kids can fill out the page. I have my powerpoint presentation on at the same time.

France Workbook
France PPT

Eiffel Tower Template

Origami Croissant

The cut and paste their currency in the big ogblong.

For France we learnt about the Eiffel Tower and then we played a cool 'True' and 'False' game. I made a line on the floor and one side I made the letter T with coloured tape and the other I made the letter F. I then said a fact about the Eiffel Tower or a fake fact, and the students had to jump to the true or false side, last man standing wins.

Here was the worksheet they had to colour as I was doing the presentation, made them pay attention.

They also had to circle their answer to 'Do you like the Eiffel Tower?' and then fill in the blank with an adjective, etc.

We then watched a video about the Eiffel Tower and made our own Eiffel Towers from a paper template I got online. 

I got them to stick their Eiffel Towers on their World Maps.

We also played 'Musical Newspapers' which is similar to Musical Chairs. I played French Music - Edif Palif, and had 4 Newspaper sheets on the ground. Then I stopped the music and they had to run onto a newspaper. After that I told them to fold the Newspaper in half, and I repeated until the newspapers were folded very small and then I'd take Newspapers away completely so that only one Newspaper sheet, folded very small was left. They had a lot of fun with that game.

For our food we made French Crepes! I am super lucky as my husband is a chef so he came to cook for us, which was such a bonus as the kids got to see a chef at work.

 The kids got to put jam, whipped cream and blueberries on their crepes. TIP: use pancake mix.

We also watched this funny cartoon from the Little Mermaid Movie and completed this crossword about French Food:

My powerpoint matches the worksheet, it's a fill out as you go along type thing...

We also learnt a bit of French! After teaching them some words they had a comic to fill out. I also showed them a little of Garfield the cartoon in French. 

Next day- Mexico!

Mexico we did our introduction part - going over the basic country facts and marking it on the map. I also found a cool tourist video about Mexico (it's linked in the ppt.)

After noting the basic facts we went through a day in the life of a Mexican kid. I got the information from this website - A Day in the Life: Mexico. All they had to do was put the arrows on the clock correctly.
This was a great way to revise time a little. It was paired with my powerpoint also - with cool pictures of food and places in Mexico. The kids were very interested. 
For the TV part I linked it to the Mexican cartoon and let the kids watch a little bit of it. It's all in Spanish of course. 

After that we made Tacos! - again, so lucky to have hubby as a Chef!

The kids got to dress their own tacos with cherry tomatoes, cheese and lettuce. My chef (husband) cooked the delicious pork filling!

After tacos we made newspaper sombreros! 
Here's the link to the site I got the idea from:Newspaper Sombreros

 We painted them after making the newspaper shape by taping it around someone's head, then curling and taping up the sides.

We also learnt some Spanish and my husband speaks Spanish so we were treated to a real native speaker teaching us! I also made a comic that the kids could fill out like in the French lesson. 

Next day- Brazil!

Of course we did our country basics first, and like Mexico we went through the day in a life of a Brazilian kid (link I got info: A Day In The Life : Brazil)

After that we watched a part of Rio 2 and they had to match the animal pictures to the name. 
They learnt some new animals and knew some already. 

After that, we looked at the Amazon and I showed a video (linked to ppt.) Then we looked specifically at the Anaconda. We watched this really catchy song video on YouTube called 'Green Anaconda' that stuck in our heads for the rest of the day! So fun!

Then we made our own anaconda finger puppets! 
I got this amazing template from this link:Snake Puppets  

After making our anacondas we had delicious Brazilian food 'Feijoada' - again, couldn't have made this without the Chef husband. Thank You Peter!

 It was soooo good. The kids watched him cook and thought it wouldn't be yummy but they munched it all down and said with was very delicious - but ugly! hehe!

After we learnt some Portuguese and hubby can speak Portuguese too so it was another native speaker experience! Here's the language comic they filled out:

After that we had a really relaxing time designing our dream football kits and watching highlights of the 2014 world cup on Youtube! The boys loved the football part and the girls got into the fashion designing ... I cut and pasted famous football players onto male fashion templates!

Next day -Korea!

Korea was very chill, they were able to compare the Korea facts to the other countries and it was interesting to see what they remembered. 

Here's the Korea intro page:

Next we watched a video about Seoul and completed this worksheet:

 After that we made Korea's summer specialty, Patbingsu! This was easy as my co-teacher organized it, but it's basically a crazy form of cereal with icy milk instead of regular. The kids had cereal, broken biscuits, chocolate sauce, blueberries, icy milk, red bean paste , rice cakes and jelly inside their patbingsu! 

After I put the kids on a mission to create their own K-Pop band! I showed them a bunch of K-POP snippets that they loved (ppt linked) and then told them they had to form a K-Pop group and design their CD and CD Case. 

Here's the worksheet and templates we used:

After that we did a quick translation crossword:

Last Day - Aoteoroa ( New Zealand!)

This was a fun day as I am from NZ and I got to talk about my homeland and make cool crafts I'm keeping for my home! 
NZ ppt (modified from someone on Waygook- thanks!)
Kiwi Bird Picture Frame Template - cut and colour, or cut and stick to coloured paper then cut.

Note: everyday I'd play music from the nation we study in the beginning and during craft making times to get the feel of the country.

First, as always - our intro page:
After that we learnt about NZ animals!
I showed a video about the kiwi also, (linked to ppt.)

 While I introduced each animal via powerpoint, the kids had to match it up to the correct picture. After we made paper airplanes and I had big pictures printed and pinned to the whiteboard, each animal picture was worth a certain amount of points if you hit it with your airplane. Kids loved it. 
(It's similar to my trash ball game you can read about here: Trash Ball Game)

Next we made the cutest little Kiwi Bird picture frames ! I printed a photo of us in our Sombreros from Mexico Day to put inside the frame.

I got this great idea from Activity Village ! Thanks! Awesome printables!

Then we went to make Marmite and chip sandwiches... which they hated. lol
It was to be expected as Marmite is an acquired taste so I had ham, cheese and lettuce prepared as backup. So basically, everyone tried a little bit of a Marmite and chip sandwich I made and chickened out , and ate ham instead. hehe Worth the experience!

I got Marmite from Seoul , in Itaewon at the foreign markets. 

Look at that screwed up face!

After we learnt more about the Maori people of NZ and I showed them a couple videos of Maori songs and the famous haka. Then I asked them to notice the tattoos, I showed them a ppt slide of Maori tattoo patterns and art. Then I gave them coloured paper that I printed Maori patterns onto and instructed them to draw a kiwi on their patterned paper and cut out, then stick to card and string together to make some awesome arty wall hangings! I'm keeping mine for my home and mum wants her own!

If you're not confident to draw a kiwi you can find a clip art drawing online, I'm sure.

My demo:

After that we learnt some Maori and the filled out their BroTown themed language comic:

It was a fantastic camp and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I actually had more planned but time was used up by the crafts well so I didn't do all. I would repeat some of the games for other days as the kids really enjoyed Musical Newspapers and the paper airplane game. If you have extra time, movies I'd recommend :

France - Ratatouille
Brazil - Rio , Rio 2
Mexico- El Dorado
NZ - Whale Rider? (maybe) or Boy

 Be sure to look through and test out the powerpoints as I have videos linked to some pages. For any questions feel free to contact me. :)

Happy Teaching!