Monday, 14 July 2014

Snakes and Ladders - The Emotions Version! (Why are you so happy?/sad?angry?)

Today we started the second part of our lesson "Why are you so happy?" It's a unit all about emotions and reasons behind feeling different ways - a great start to learning the question word why and answer sentences beginning with because.

My game was super easy, taking a simple spin on Charades I quickly wrote and drew on pieces of paper the different feeling vocabulary we are studying in the unit, plus some easy ones they already know. I folded them up and put them in a container after.


After that I drew my Snakes and Ladders board on the whiteboard and wrote out "because sentences" that all match up to the feelings in the Charade container (see above).

Before we started the game we read all the sentences on the board.
I got the class to guess what sentence would match up to what feeling...

For example:

Teacher: "let's read the first sentence - Because I got a new bike"
(students read aloud together)
Teacher: "What could you feel when you get a new bike?"
Students: "happy!"
Teacher: "good, so we the matching sentence is "Why are you so happy?"

- I added hungry, thirsty, bored and tired in addition to the textbook's vocabulary that included angry, sad, happy and busy. 

So , now the game playing...

I first demonstrated by picking a paper from the container and acting it out, they guessed the emotion I acted and then asked "Why are you so ______?" (according to what I acted out /'charaded'). Then I read out the corresponding Because sentence on the board. "Because I ________."
After that I rolled the dice and moved my magnet on the snakes and ladders board.
That's how you play, everyone has to act out and then the class guesses and then the actor reads the correct because sentence and only then can they roll for their team.
I separated my class into two teams, boys vs. girls.

If you'd like more ideas on how to incorporate Snakes and Ladders read my post all about the range of speaking games you can do :Snakes and Ladders are AMAZING

Happy Teaching!


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