Friday, 4 July 2014

Revsion Lesson! Exam Prep for my Grade 6's ! Free ppt download and worksheets!

At my school we are about to have an exam for both the 6th and 5th graders so I had to put together a revision class. I played a PowerPoint game as well as prepared a revision sheet. The PowerPoint game is super easy.

It's basically like an interactive board game, I got the template from waygook but added my own twist to it by having the pictures on certain squares link to other slides...take a look:

Show your kids the slide , separate into however many teams you like - we did girls vs. boys.

This is the start screen, use magnets or markers to mark the place.
Download revision ppt game here
Second, get the first team rep to roll the dice...then move to the corresponding square...

If they land on a picture instead of a blank tile you can click on it and it will give a further instruction:

The red arrow on the bottom right corner returns you back to the first slide.

So basically, the aim is to get from start to finish (obviously) but where is the English part?

Well, after each roll I had them pick a question card out of a container. I wrote sentences that had blanks in them such as "It's ____ to the toy store." (next, as we are studying directions)
Download revision questions here

  And! To spice things up I asked my students to write down one English word from the lessons we were revising (3-6) or a number with the 'th' , 'st' or 'rd' symbol added. Then, if these cards were picked the student would have to answer by making a sentence using the English word or spelling the number in ordinal form as well as making it into a sentence (this is all because of our lesson called "When is your birthday?" which focuses on ordinal numbers and dates.)

So that's a simple enough game and it worked pretty well with my classes.
I also made them this revision sheet to take home and study:

download Grade 6 revision homework

And this is one I made for grade 5:
Download Grade 5 revision Sheet

Happy Teaching!


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