Friday, 11 July 2014

Project Day! Fun Changing Bodies Booklets! (What's your favorite subject?)

Today I had my Grade 5 and we started the project for our lesson "What's your favorite subject?" This was one of my most successful projects , unexpected too!

It's super easy. I made this example for the kids to look at:

All I did was fold a paper in half, then fold it again to make 3 sections. Each section is for a different area of the body, the top is fro the head and shoulders , the middle is for the arms and stomach and start of pants and then the bottom is the legs.

I made a boy who likes P.E. , a girl who likes art and another girl who likes science. After drawing I cut the folded sections so that you can change their body parts. The kids found this all very funny and lots of giggles came about.

I then did a brainstorm on the board of all the different subjects we learnt and anymore they wanted to know and translate, and drew some examples on the board to inspire them also:

This came from a girl's idea of 'Home Economics' that we added to the brainstorm...

Here's what the kids made:

I got them to make 2 students each, with different subjects.
They were allowed to write either of the two sentences we have studied:
  1. My favorite subject is ______.
  2. Don't you like _____?

Then after they'd finished I bound it into a booklet to give to their class.

 And here are the kiddies at work!

 You could use this project for other topics such as jobs/dreams, clothing, animals, or as my colleauge did for her 4th grade class- she used it for "What time is it?"

Examples they brainstormed on the board :)

 Totally recommend this for an easy project - keeps them occupied !

 Happy Teaching !


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