Thursday, 3 July 2014

Moving on to Theatre! Afterschool Class/Beginner Thespians. Free PPT & template Downloads

If you have been following my blog, you would have seen my "Let's hear it for the girls" Make-up and style lesson where I went over makeup vocabulary, hair and clothing. My girls really enjoyed it. I also got them to make fashion design drawings using templates I found online. Here are some of the stylish works my girls drew:

We did make up and hair designs. They had to label the make up and hair and then do the same with their fashion designs.

These are Jiyong's wonderful designs. She did very well to label the hair and clothing correctly and in full sentences using "she has..." and "she is wearing..." sentence starters as seen in the powerpoint I used in the lesson. You can see more of the ppt. and download it here:  "Makeup/Style powerpoint"

Now that we finished with style we have moved on to creating a Drama Portfolio!

This is a big project I wanted my after school girls to get into as the term is ending soon and I'd like them to put a lot of their skills from previous lessons to use.

  • Firstly, I taught instructional language via cooking - which will be used when we write scripts for scene directions. 
Sandwich Making Lesson 
Popsicle lesson
Chicken Kebab Lesson
  • Second, we studied rooms of the house and furniture which can be used for set design vocabulary. 
Learning about the house lesson
  • And lastly, the fashion and style lessons help with stage makeup and costume designing. All these elements help to make up their final Drama Portfolio. 
Style Lesson
So here are the screenshots of the powerpoint I showed my girls:
 Download it here:Drama Portfolio Lesson

So first I had to explain what a Drama Portfolio is and then tell them what it contains...

 (excuse the bad Korean translation, if any...the girls got it fine though).

After going over the contents of the Portfolio I then showed them some examples of books that have been made into dramas - and I purposely found and showed them books that they know and are in our school's English library!

There were a number of oohs and ahhhs looking at these inspiring pictures and then they got keen to hunt down the story they wanted to make into their portfolio.

NOTE - we will not actually perform the dramas, only make the planning for a performance. This way there is no pressure on them to think of performing and also we've limited time to see each other so it's more on the written work than anything. They also decided to make the portfolio as a class - so all 4 of them are producing one portfolio.

And what book did they choose?
And so far, here are their costume and stage makeup designs! Next week, they're on to lighting and set.

This is Gretel's stage makeup
 This is Gretel's costume
 This is Hansel's stage makeup
 Hansel's costume
 The Stepmother's costume
 The father's costume
 The father's stage makeup
 The stepmother's stage makeup

 The witch's costume
 The witch's stage makeup

So as you can see they are getting really into it, next week I will also have them write annotations on the designs, practicing the sentences we learned before.

(I let them have a break from writing and just focus on the designing as we had gone through the drama portfolio powerpoint for most of the lesson anyway.)

Here are links to templates:
Men's fashion template
Makeup Template
Women's fashion template

Happy teaching! - I'll keep you posted on the progress!


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