Monday, 21 July 2014

Chopstick Game and MoodBears! Fun Game and Project for Emotions Lesson.

Hey all, my 6th graders are just finishing up the topic on Emotions so I did a fun and easy going lesson with a game and project based upon Emotions and 'because' sentences.

The Chopstick Game

The ChopStick game is really easy and you can change it up. I have played it two different ways however the most successful is the way I'll tell you now.

So first get a pair of chopsticks (disposable).
Give one chopstick to each team leader (two teams, I did Boys Vs. Girls).

Then you need your cards. My cards had pictures for each emotion and on separate cards there were the 'because' sentences that matched the emotions.
After making the cards I looped some string onto each so that the cards could hang on chopsticks.

To play the game I gave each team a pile of emotion (picture) cards, then they had to take one each and match it to a 'because sentence'. Then once they have found the matching sentence they have to hang it onto their team representative's chopstick that they hold in their mouth. The chopstick holders are not allowed to touch anything, they have to have their hands behind their back.

The first team to finish their pile of emotion cards wins.
I then take the cards off one by one and check with the class, if there are mistakes the team with the most mistakes loses. 

Download Cards here.

Another way to play is to give everyone a pair of cards and a chopstick .
- for the cards: one picture and one 'because sentence' but make sure none of them match. Then get them to go around class and find their matching sentence but they can only get it by using their chopstick in their mouth- serious mouth skills needed. It's fun to watch!

Now for the project - Mood Bears!

These worked really well, the kids enjoyed making them and I think it was a less stressful project as it was all about the making and visual rather than writing a lot. 

Now this baby isn't my own, I got it off this great printable (free) website called skizzenblog. They have all sorts of cool printables.

 You can visit the website  and download the printable Mood Bear Template  by clicking here. 

 The bear is cool because you can make him change emotion ! The template is easy to cut out and make.
I had 2 printed on an A4 sheet, so half size bears. I used a thicker than normal paper but regular paper should be fine also. Next time I'll do it with coloured paper. 

 So cute! You can get them to colour and present , ask them to share with the class by making sentences such as:

"I was happy, why? because I got a new doll."
I suggest getting everyone to share one emotion and change it on their mood bear when they present.

The kids loved it!

Happy Teaching!


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