Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bingo with a Twist - Grade 6 It's Next to the Bank - PPT game & Bingo Sheet Download!

This is pretty much a no brainer , but every teacher should know that the key to a better Bingo game is making it different that the ordinary calling out and check marking game. I always like to make it as random as possible and my calling of answers also requires more thought. More Bingo Ideas

For example, in my latest lesson with Grade 6 "It's Next to the Bank", I put pictures as well as sentences on the Bingo cards. Now, for the pictures in particular I did not call out the name of what the picture shows but instead a sentence about the picture which forced the students to think about what I was referring too.

For example here are my Bingo cards:  (4 different, just print and shuffle)
Download Bingo It's Next To The Bank

So one card may have a picture of 'the zoo' on it. Instead of calling out "The Zoo" I called "You may see many animals there." (This corresponds to the textbook vocabulary also). And also I reverse this by calling out "The Post Office" and the students will have to find "You can send letters there." to mark it as a Bingo square. Got it?

But anyway, more of a twist. I didn't do the calling! I wrote down on paper shreds, each possible Bingo call out and then put them in a bucket and had the students come up and pick it out of the bucket, to read to the class themselves. This meant the students where listening, reading and speaking throughout the game.

Now I know this lesson is not so much on directions - but I had to focus more on places and the activities you can do at each place as that's what is in the textbook. What was great is that the students had just about mastered all the "You can ______ there." answers from my last lesson! Link to last Directions 6 Grade Lesson Post

Also, to finish this lesson we played "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" directions themed of course.
I downloaded the template off Waygook a while back. Thanks again!

You can download my directions version of the game here:  Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Directions Game

Some Preview Shots:

Happy Teaching!