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May I go to the bathroom? Powerpoint game and quick speaking activity! Free ppt. Download!

Hey all, today with my grade 5 classes we started the 2nd part to our "May I go to the bathroom?" lesson. I made a powerpoint game and prep materials for a quick speaking game and thought I'd share. The lesson went really well and the PPT. game was a hit.

Here's the first part explained, the quick and easy speaking activity.

I first printed out a bunch of sentences and cut them up separately.

Note: The dialogue of the lesson revolves around feelings and questions using the
 "May I..." beginning.

So here's the papers that I cut up into paper slithers ( I have 24 kids so enough of each paper for 12). Aim is to have half the class with the feeling/statement and half with the 'May I...' question.

Download match up cards

Next, I put the "May I" sentences into one bag and the "I'm..." sentences into another bag.
Now, you'll notice I forgot "May I go to the bathroom?" - I know, silly of me, but it didn't matter as it is in the powerpoint game later. You can add it if you'd like.

 When the students came into the class I halved them into two groups and one group chose from one bag and the other group, from the other. I wrote up on the whiteboard before class the following:

What's wrong?

I don't have ________. / I'm ________.

May I __________________?

Sure! / Sure. Go ahead.     /     No way! / Sorry, you can't.

So once the students all had a card I started from one side with the first student in the front and told the class to all ask him "What's wrong?" he then read his "I'm....." card out loud. For example, he said "I'm bored".

Then, from the other half of the class (those with the 'May I..." cards) I asked those with the matching sentence to stand and read. For example, "I'm bored" is matched with "May I play outside?" and "I'm hungry." is matched with "May I eat this cake?"

Then after they had read their 'May I.." question out loud we just randomly decided on an answer - choosing between : Sure! / Sure. Go ahead.     /     No way! / Sorry, you can't.
No way was a popular reply hehe...

So we did this until everyone had a chance to speak. Some had the same cards and that was fine, they just read together. And the kids got a kick out of repeating their reading also. I think one class had 'I'm thirsty" 3 times in a row - so the same kids who had the "May I drink some water?" had to stand up and read over and over again. They laughed at their luck. :P

After that simple speaking activity , I handed out this worksheet to stick into their English notebooks and they were instructed to only answer the top half of the sheet. This was a good review and comprehension check. I had the worksheet projected on the whiteboard and to check I had students come up and draw the lines in front of the class. They love any chance at writing on the white board so that worked well too.
Download Worksheet

Then we started the powerpoint game!
Now, I originally wanted to use the bottom half of the above sheet during the game, to simply follow along but instead to make it more interesting I didn't tell them to match up until after we played- I told them to try to remember what the replies were to the questions during the game. A fun way to have a little memory competition game, and reading practice. I gave candy to anyone who could remember them all correctly.

The Game!

So my powerpoint game is a basic spin the wheel game. I made the game boys against girls and had one team member at a time come up to click= spin the wheel. The wheel lands on a question and then the consecutive slide reveals the reply of either Yes or No in the form of phrases such as "sure" / "no way" / "Sure, go ahead" or "Sorry, you can't." , etc. I gave one point for a yes answer and no points for a no. There are also two 5 point slides to make it interesting.

The game worked really well and by the end, the class had learnt appropriate replies to "may I" questions , all based on the textbook vocabulary. This is only part 2 of the lesson so I didn't add too many more options outside the textbook as I want them to learn the basics first. Later, I would like to teach more of a variety of vocabulary.

Powerpoint Screen Shots:
Download Spin the Wheel Game here

The first slide is a simple review, get the students to read along and tell you the corresponding "may I..." questions.

This is the spin the wheel slide, ask the student to click just once !

It will spin and land on a question and a picture should float up also.

After the wheel slide a reply will come next. 

This is one of the 5 point slides.

May I have a cookie? 

May I use your pen?

Have fun and let me know how it goes if you choose to do the same activity and ppt!

Happy teaching!


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