Monday, 9 June 2014

Let's Hear It For The Girls! - Style Unit, Make up and Fashion for ESL!

I teach elementary and have noticed the older girls becoming a little restless in after school class. We had a blast doing our cooking class but it's time to move on - so now we are onto what all tween and teen girls love - fashion and makeup! (I have some tomboys in my class that were enthralled, it's a girl class no brainer).

I have mixed in some make up vocabulary with some textbook vocabulary that revolves around long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, blonde/brown/black/red hair, blue/brown/hazel/green eyes - for the first lesson.

In our following lessons we will move on to fashion and design our own outfits.
I am hoping to have a jewelry making lesson by the end of it.

So here is the powerpoint and activities we did for class one:

Note: this is only a sample of some of the slides.
The complete powerpoint is available for download: Style Powerpoint

We first went through the make up products and the word "wearing" ...

 (there are more makeup slides in the download)

Next we went through hair styles, lengths and hair colours...

Then we combined length, colour and style together in longer sentences:

We went through eye colours ...

We went over phrases using style, I asked them to come up with their own also...

And lastly, I got the students to describe these women in the magazine, talking about their hair, eyes and what possible makeup they would be wearing:
(good oral part of the lesson)

 Here are their vocabulary sheets, they took these notes during the powerpoint. They're kept inside their afterschool workbooks.


And for next lesson we will focus on the composition side of things. They'll get these papers with a woman with makeup stuck in the centre. I'll ask them to draw arrows labeling the hair, eyes and makeup with the descriptive vocabulary we learnt in the last lesson.

Then, I'll get them to raid a magazine and choose two women to write compositions about. Here is the example I'm providing. 

 After writing we will design some make up looks!

Stay tuned, next week we're diving into fashion design:

Happy Teaching!


  1. How old are these girls? They are interested in beauty of course, it is so emphasized in Korea. Magazine images are heavily photoshopped and make girls feel bad about themselves. I hope you tell them that these beauty standards are unrealistic and that they are naturally beautiful :)

  2. Hi, they're around 11/12. And yes, we discussed how fake and altered the magazine images are and they have/had a healthy outlook on beauty. None of them currently wear makeup, just interested in it. We even talked about Korea's whitening products and how westerners like to be tan (came up when we talked about bronzer as it's not easily found in Korea). They are very smart cookies and as a curvy lady myself I make sure to promote all aspects of beauty - the slide show features magazine images as we are looking at fashion magazines and some of the celebs are celebs they know.

  3. Wow, I wanna do this!

  4. Shoot I can't find the doc. Can you email it to me please please withh icing on top.