Sunday, 22 June 2014

English Festival Success! So Proud and Pleased :)

Hello all, I have not been blogging lately because I have been so busy with the English festival! We stopped teaching for a week and used English class strictly for rehearsing our plays and songs! Today was the fantastic performance day and it went so well. I am so proud of my students and thankful to their homeroom teachers and my co-teacher Anne who all helped to get the final day in fantastic shape!

If you would like to use the plays I wrote for your own festival or class (as they are all based on textbook vocabulary , esl level ) you can read and download them here: English Festival Scripts and more!

So here are pictures of the great day! And some videos too! Check it out!

I have 6 classes in total. 3 Grade 5 classes and 3 Grade 6 classes. Each class performed a play and a song. :)

Do You Want Some More?
 Whose Cap Is It?
Directions Rap

The Sickness Song

What Grade Are You In?

 The Months Of The Year Song

 It was such a great day and I was very proud!

Happy Teaching, and good luck with your festival!


  1. Great stuff! How long did it take you to organise?

    1. It was about 2 weeks, one week we only rehearsed and the next week we taught regular classes but did quick run throughs at the end of class. I also had all the actors record themselves reading the script on my phone and gave them a copy of each Mp3 to listen to during the weekend. This helped with memorization. Note - I tailored the scripts to dialogue we learn in the English textbook and the songs also came from lessons- so they knew the songs for a while beforehand.

  2. This was really well put together. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The best part is that the kids had a good time. WINNING!!!!