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English Festival - Scripts and Powerpoint Backdrops

I would love to be cheeky and keep all these to myself but I figure I'll be happier knowing other teachers can use them!

So, we are up to our English festival at the moment and we decided that we would try to make the English festival relate to our lessons as this would mean that the students are still revising and more importantly - they already know the dialogue. I am speaking specifically about our drama section of the show however, the songs we are doing are also what we've already taught! :D

So here are the scripts and lessons they relate too as well as the download link to the PowerPoint shows you can use as backdrops for the performances! I wrote them based on fairy tales/ famous stories but made them all with the textbook dialogue in mind!

I only teach grade 5 and 6 from these textbooks:
Grade 6, publisher/author: 천재교육 (Cheonjae), Frances Sohn. (The blue one!) and for Grade 5 the same publisher and author - the orange book!

So here are the scripts, with download links to their matching powerpoint show!
You can of course adjust them if you have the same topic but different vocabulary !

Also, I would soooo recommend using these scripts for a cool revision lesson if you've already done your festival. Drama and English are a fantastic duo that can make for some fantastic, fun learning!

Grade 5 dramas:

Story: Cinderella
Textbook Topic: Whose is it?

Sister 1: Where is my dress Cinderella?
Sis2:       Whose dirty dress is this?
Stepmother:  Where is my lunch?
Cinderella: I’m coming . Sorry, sorry. Is this yours? (to sis1)
SIS 1:     yes! It’s mine. Give it to me now!
SIS 2:     Is this your dirty dress?
Cinderella:  No, it’s not mine.
SIS 2:  Well, take it away and clean it!
Stepmother:      Whose lunch is this?
Cinderella: It’s yours.
Stepmother:  I don’t like apple pie! NO! NO! NO! This is not my lunch!
NARRATOR: Cinderella ran back to the kitchen and cried.
BIRDS:   Don’t be sad Cinderella.
NARRATOR: one day the prince was going to have a big party, a ball!
STEPMOTHER AND SISTERS:        Yay! The ball is wonderful! We are going to go to the ball tonight!
NARRATOR: Cinderella was listening, she went to sit in her room to talk to her bird friends.
BIRDS: You can go to!
CINDERELLA: No , I can’t. I’m sad.
NARRATOR: A fairy came inside the room!
FAIRY:   Why are you sad Cinderella? What can I do?
CINDERELLA:      I want to go to the ball. But I cannot go.
FAIRY:   Why?
CINDERELLA: I have no dress, no shoes. Everything looks old and dirty.
FAIRY:   Well, whose dress is this?
NARRATOR:        A beautiful dress appeared ! It was wonderful, white and with flowers.
CINDERELLA:  Is this mine?!
FAIRY: Yes, it’s your new dress for the ball!
CINDERELLA:      Oh thank you thank you!
FAIRY:   And whose shoes are these?
CINDERELLA:  It’s mine! Oh thank you! Thank you fairy!
NARRATOR: Cinderella was the most beautiful girl at the ball. The prince danced with her and they were falling in love!
CINDERELLA: Oh no! It’s 12 o’clock! I must go!
PRINCE:                Why? No! Don’t go
NARRATOR: Cinderella ran home, but one of her shoes came off. She didn’t see the prince find it.
The next day the prince came to her house.
PRINCE: I am looking for the beautiful girl who came to my ball!
SISTERS:               It was me! Me!
PRINCE:                hmm…. Whose shoe is this?
SISTERS:               It’s mine! It’s mine!
NARRATOR:  They both put on the shoe but it didn’t fit. The Cinderella ran down the stairs to see the prince.
STEPMOTHER: no! Cinderella go away!
PRINCE:                Who is this? What’s your name?
CINDERELLA: My name is Cinderella.
PRINCE: Is this your shoe?
CINDERELLA: Yes, it’s mine!

PowerPoint link: Cinderella Powerpoint 

Story: Hansel and Gretel
Textbook Topic: Do you want some more?  (Food based lesson)

NARRATOR: Hansel and Gretel were left all alone in the forest. They tried to make their way home but one day, while lost they found an amazing house made of candy.
HANSEL:               Oh My God! Look a house!
GRETEL:                Whose house is it?
HANSEL:               I don’t know. Let’s go and see.
GRETEL:                Ok. It’s looks delicious!

(HANSEL and GRETEL went to the candy house and started eating the house)
NARRATOR: Hansel and Gretel were so hungry they started eating the house made of candy!
HANSEL:               ummmm this is delicious! I like candy!
GRETEL:                Yes ! It’s really good. I like this ice cream!
HANSEL:               I like ice-cream too!
NARRATOR:     Suddenly, a witch came out of the house!
WITCH:                 Why are you eating my house?!
HANSEL:               Is this your house?
GRETEL:                Sorry     ! but we are so hungry!
WITCH:                 MWAHAHAHA ! It’s ok! Come inside, there’s more food in here!
HANSEL:               Ok! I like food!
NARRATOR:        The witch had made lots of delicious food. She had many hamburgers, sandwiches, ice-cream, chicken, pizzas. Pies and more!
HANSEL:               Oh my god! Everything looks delicious! I like hamburgers and pizza and apple pie and chocolate cake and noodles!
GRETEL:                Oh yes! I like salad and cookies and ice cream and soup!
WITCH:                 Go ahead, help yourself!
NARRATOR:        Hansel and Gretel ate all the food. They both got really full.
WITCH:                 Hansel, Do you want some more soup?
HANSEL:               Yes please!
WITCH:                 Gretel, do you want some more salad?
GRETEL:                No thanks, I’m full.
WITCH:                 Gretel! Eat more! Now!
NARRATOR:        Gretel got scared. The witch was angry and wanted her to eat more and more. 
                               But Gretel was too full!
WITCH:                 Hansel, I have some delicious chocolate cake inside this room, come here!
HANSEL:               I like chocolate cake!
NARRATOR:           Hansel got excited and went inside the room but it was a cage and the witch locked him inside !
WITCH:                 Yes, chocolate cake is very delicious. But I like to eat little boys!
                                Little boys are very delicious!
GRETEL:                Oh no!

PowerPoint LinkHansel and Gretel Powerpoint 

Story: Red Riding Hood
Textbook Topic: Where's the Ice Cream Store?

NARRATOR:               One day Little Red Riding Hood went to see her grandmother.
She had to walk to her grandmother’s house.
But she didn’t know the wolf was following her!

First she needed to buy some food.


RED RIDING HOOD:         hmmm… Where is the supermarket?
MAN:                                    It’s on Apple Street. Go straight and turn left.
RED RIDING HOOD:         Thanks a lot!
MAN:    No problem.
NARRATOR:                        Red riding hood went to the supermarket and got some cake, sandwiches and fruit for her grandmother.
RED RIDING HOOD:         Hello. Where is the bank?
SALES CLERK:                     It’s on Orange Street. Turn left, go straight, keep going, it’s on the right corner.
RED RIDINGHOOD:          Thank you!
NARRATOR:                        Red riding hood had to go to the bank to get some money for her grandmother. And next she had to go to the post office to send her grandmother’s letters.
RED RIDING HOOD:         Hi. Where is the post office ?
BANK MANAGER:            It’s on the second floor. Take the elevator.
RED RIDING HOOD:         Thanks a lot!
BANK MANAGER:            No problem. Nice to meet you.
NARRATOR:                        The Wolf did not hear what floor the post office was on, so he asked the bank manager too.
WOLF:                                   Hello. Where is the post office?
BANK MANAGER:            The post office is on the second floor.
WOLF:                                   HEHEHEHEHE….Thanks a lot!
NARRATOR:                        Red riding hood finished sending the letters.
She went back down to the first floor and then started to walk to her grandmother’s house. The wolf was following her still.
Red riding hood walked to her grandmother’s house and the wolf followed her slowly. When they were almost at the house a lost boy asked Red riding hood how to get home… but the wolf went inside her grandmother’s house.
LOST BOY:                           Help me please! Where is my house?
RED RIDINGHOOD:          I don’t know. What is close to your house?
LOST BOY:                           The school ! Gyuam School is next to my house!
                                                Where is Gyuam School?
RED RIDINGHOOD:          Go straight, turn right. It’s on the corner. Your house will be there.
LOST BOY:                           Oh thank you!

NARRATOR:                        When red ridinghood went inside her grandmother’s house the wolf had already ate her grandmother! He was wearing her grandmother’s clothes.
RED RIDING HOOD:                         GRANDMOTHER! You look crazy! You have big teeth, so much hair and claws! Why?!
WOLF:                   Because – I’m the wolf! And I’m going to eat you!

PowerPoint Link: Red Riding Hood PowerPoint 

Story: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 
Textbook Topic: I have a Fever
 (A new patient walks into the doctor’s office…)
DOCTOR:         Hello! Nice to meet you.
PATIENT 2:      Hi doctor… I feel really bad.
DOCTOR:         Oh no, what’s the matter?
PATIENT 2:      I have a stomach ache. It’s so bad.
DOCTOR:         Oh, that’s too bad. Why don’t you sit down?
PATIENT 2:      Ok…Oh…kay…oh bluuurrrrgaahhhh!
(DOCTOR gets a bucket quickly and PATIENT 2 vomits inside it)
DOCTOR:         You must have a really bad stomach ache to do that!
PAIENT 2:        Oh no…I hate vomit. (Crying tone)
DOCTOR:         It’s okay. Wait here, let me find some medicine.
(DOCTOR exits but DOCTOR HYDE enters shortly after)
DOCTOR HYDE:           Hey! What’s the matter with you?!
PATIENT 2:                  Who are you? Where is the other doctor?
DOCTOR HYDE:           He’s not here. But I am! Is that vomit?! Omg disgusting!
PATIENT 2:                  I know, I’m sorry but my stomach ache is really bad.
DOCTOR HYDE:           Ewww…Oh! I know, let’s do an operation!
                                    I can make your stomach ache go away!
PATIENT 2:                  Really? How? Do you have medicine?
DOCTOR HYDE:           No… I can take your stomach out!
                                    Wait here; let me get my surgery knife!
(DOCTOR HYDE leaves to get his knife)
PATIENT 2:                  WHAT?! No! Don’t take out my stomach!
(DOCTOR JEKYLL enters with a medicine bottle and water in a cup)
DOCTOR:         Here is some medicine and here – you should drink some warm water.
PATIENT 2:      Doctor! That other doctor said he is going to take my stomach out! Please
                        don’t let him do it! Please!
DOCTOR:         What are you talking about? Which doctor?
PATIENT 2:      I don’t know his name. But he’s big and ugly and he said he was going to go   find his surgery knife! He’s coming back soon doctor! Help!
DOCTOR:         This must be a joke. Let me go find this doctor. One moment.
(Doctor Jekyll leaves)
The patient waits for a long time and then hears a strange sound coming from outside the door. Then there are screams, he carries his bucket and walks outside to see what is happening.
Dr.Jekyll is transforming to Dr. Hyde and everyone is screaming around him, watching the transformation. Dr. Hyde comes out eventually and turns to PATIENT 2
DR. HYDE:       Look! I found my knife! 

Story: Gyuam Idol (change the name 'Gyuam' to your school's name)
Textbook Topic: What Will You Do For The Talent Show?

HOST:                    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is __________ and I am your host for                  tonight’s Gyuam Idol!
AUDIENCE:         Woo hoo yay!
HOST:                    We have a big show for you tonight! But first, let’s meet the contestants!  Introducing…                               
 (Drum roll, contestants come out one by one)
                                … Magical ______! Super Singer _______! Poetic _______ !
                                Guitar amazing _______ ! and Tough Taekwondo-er _______!
                                And now, let’s meet the judges!
                                (3 judges come out)
HOST:                    Now let’s start the show!
Contestant number 1! Please introduce yourself
CONTESTANT 1:                My name is _____.
HOST:                    Hi ____! What will you do for the talent show?
CONTESTANT 1:                I will do an amazing, fantastic magic show!
HOST:                    Okay! Well, let’s see it!
(Magical music plays. Big hat comes on stage, rabbit hiding behind it)
CONTESTANT 1:                Hello everybody! Today I will show you some magic!
CONTESTANT 1 does a magic show, pulling a rabbit out of a hat – the rabbit is a student dressed up!
HOST:                    Wow! That was amazing! What do you judges think?
HOST:                    Wonderful!  Now, let’s see out last performance, contestant number 2!
CONTESTANT 5:                Hi!
HOST:                    Hello! How are you?
CONTESTANT 5:                I’m great! I’m excited!
HOST:                    What’s your name? and what will you do ?
CONTESTANT 5:                My name is ______ and I will do taekwondo! Ha!
HOST:                    Ohhh , I’m scared! Good luck!
(contestant does taekwodo)
HOST:    Wow! Will you do taekwondo in the future?
CONTESTANT 2:                Yes! I will do taekwondo at the Olympics!
HOST:                    fantastic! Judges, did you enjoy the show?
JUDGES: yes! He is amazing! Fantastic!....

Ask the Gyaum students – who did you like most? Let’s do a hand survey of the best .
HOST: You are the winner! Here is your prize!
Contestant who wins:                    Thanks a lot! I will do _______ again and again for you!

PowerPoint Link: Gyuam Idol PowerPoint 

Story: Happy Birthday Moon - based on book by Frank ASCH 

Textbook Topic: When is your birthday?

NARRATOR:        One night Bear looked up at the sky and thought.
                                It would be nice to give the moon a birthday present!
                                But he didn’t know when the moon’s birthday was.
                                He climbed a tree to get closer to the moon.
                                He wanted to ask the moon when her birthday was.
BEAR:                    Hello!
NARRATOR:        Bear’s voice echoed across the mountain and Bear got very excited. He thought the                       echo was the Moon talking to him!
BEAR:                    Oh My God. I’m talking to the Moon.
                                Tell me. When is your birthday?!
NARRATOR:        Tell me. When is your birthday?! The mountains echoed.
BEAR:                    It’s tomorrow! It’s on June 21st!
NARRATOR:        It’s tomorrow! It’s on June 21st! The mountains echoed again.
BEAR:                    Wow! You have the same birthday!
NARRATOR:        Wow! You have the same birthday! The mountain echoed.
                                Bear jumped in excitement.
BEAR:                    So, what do you want for your birthday?!
NARRATOR:        Again, the mountain echoed “So, what do you want for your birthday?!”
                                Bear thought for a moment.
BEAR:                    hmmm…
                                I would like a hat!
NARRATOR:        I would like a hat! Echoed the mountain.
BEAR:                    Oh good.
NARRATOR:        “Goodbye!” The mountains echoed. And Bear walked home.
Then he went downtown to the hat shop.
He bought the Moon a beautiful hat.
Bear put the hat up high, on top of a tree where the moon could find it.
Then he watched and waited slowly.
The Moon reached the hat and it looked like she was wearing it.
Bear was so happy.
BEAR:                    Hurray! It fits you perfectly!
NARRATOR:        In the night when Bear was sleeping the wind made the hat fall out of the tree.
                                The hat landed in front of Bear’s house, outside his door.
BEAR:                    Oh wow! It’s beautiful. The Moon bought me a hat for my birthday too!
NARRATOR:        Bear put on the hat and was very happy.
NARRATOR:        But then the wind blew Bear’s hat off his head. He chased it, but it got away.
BEAR:                    Hello!
NARRATOR:        Hello! Echoed the mountain.
BEAR:                    I lost the beautiful hat you gave me.
NARRATOR:        I lost the beautiful hat you gave me. Echoed the mountain.
BEAR:                    That’s okay. I still love you!
NARRATOR:        That’s okay. I still love you! Echoed the mountain.
BEAR:                    Happy Birthday!                              
NARRATOR:        Happy Birthday!

PowerPoint Link: Happy Birthday Moon PowerPoint 

Let me know how it goes! 
I'll have a new post showing how the dramas all went for our festival by the end of the month.

Happy Teaching!






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