Monday, 23 June 2014

Easy Directions Activity! Get Them Up & Talking! ESL

We've just started Lesson 6 in my English Grade 6 class which is all about directions. It's titled 'It's next to the bank". It's all about directions, positions and places.

We are about to have an exam , July 8th to be exact - so I wanted to make even the first few lessons loaded with all the new vocabulary so that they are introduced to everything at once. I know it may seem overwhelming but rest assured, they already know most of the vocabulary from previous lessons and their Grade 5 lessons.

So after we had gone through the vocabulary via simple powerpoint and translation we did this first :

I wrote this on the board:

a    It's next to the bank.
b    You can study English there.
c    Where is the school?
d    Thank you
e    What can you do there?
f     No problem
g    Go straight, turn left.
h    Excuse me.

As a class they had to first read the scrambled dialogue and then order it correctly. 
Behind the whiteboard I had the correct dialogue written out , as follows:

A: Excuse me, where is the school?
B: Go straight, turn left. It's next to the bank.
A: Thank you.
B: No problem. What can you do there?
A: You can study English there.

So, after we read and checked comprehension of the dialogue and vocabulary I gave them strips of paper with sentences or place names on them. 

This is the sheet I printed out to make the paper cards:

I cut the places and the "can do" sentences up into separate cards. Then I put them into a little bag I have, and got the kids to take one each. They were instructed to find their match and practice the dialogue we read up on the board.

The activity worked really well and everyone was speaking, I would advise also playing along with the class because then you can check speaking and demonstrate to those who don't understand. It also was a success as the students were feeling the heat and getting them up out of their seats helped to wake them up a bit.

Quite a simple lesson, but stay tuned for the fun power point game I've got prepared for next lesson!

Happy Teaching!