Sunday, 1 June 2014

A Great Game to Learn New Dialogue! - Lesson: What's Your Favorite Subject? (free ppt download)

This is a powerpoint game I like to use every now and again to introduce new dialogue, vocab and/or phrases to my classes. It's a game but it's more about reading, speaking and understanding than anything.

Basically, it's tic tac toe - or naughts and crosses with a learning twist!
It also has some memorization put in it (which we all know, Asian teachers love)

Let's take a look at the slides - for my current topic we are studying "What's you're favorite subject?" and this is the game we will play following the first part of the lesson where we get the students to write out the new vocabulary in their English notebooks and then translate it into Korean. Their notebooks are slowly turning into their own English to Korean dictionaries as we do translating and noting down at the beginning of every topic.

Anyway, so here are the slides and how to of the game:
Download My Favorite Subject PPT game

I've provided the instructions in the ppt when you download :)

 The tile page - always get them to read it! 

 Now first there's the reading/ info slides. I've done a bunch like this with different cartoon characters and subjects that we have already learnt in part one of the unit. What would be awesome, if you have the time - is to put photos of the actual students and/or teachers instead of cartoons! A cool way to connect... I'll try do that next time! (just came to me! darn!)

Another info, our textbook doesn't actually have 'history' included in the vocab but some of the students knew the term so I thought it would be good to add as a challenge.

Iron Man for the boys... hehe
 Now here is the "can you remember? slide"
This is when the game begins, remember to draw your tic tac toe grid on the board now!

Ask a rep from the first team (I do boys vs. girls usually) to come up and choose a character and make a guess of what their favorite subject is...

So, maybe a student picked "Anna" and guessed that her favorite subject is history. 
(The slide will not reveal the answer until you click)

If the student guesses correctly then press the smiley face and this slide will come up and they can make their mark on the tic tac toe grid!

 Notice how "YOUR" is blue, click on that to return to the "can you remember? slide" to play another student's turn.

This is the slide that comes up when the student has guessed incorrectly, to get there you push the X symbol in the red circle. To return to the "can you remember? slide" you press the blue coloured "you are" If they get it wrong they cannot make a tic tac toe mark.

So the aim of the game is to win the tic tac toe game on the board - you can repeat guesses - as it's about reading the dialogue more than anything. The student's were so into the tic tac toe they sort of forgot they were reading the dialogue at all :) That's teaching for you, learning disguised as games! 

Happy Teaching!


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